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the way to dusty death; 1st Day, Dusk - Private. Sorry.
Topic Started: Oct 3 2016, 04:33 PM (522 Views)
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The body had been there.

Now Irene was running and the girl’s dead body had been so real. It was so different than a classmate dramatically falling to the floor of the stage under a spotlight colored red by a gel. It was like really dead, and it was truly lifeless and would never pop up again as soon as the lights were out and no one could see her anymore.

Hannah was running after Irene now, leaving Livvie behind. She felt bad in some distant place, but she couldn’t let her friend get away. But she was, as their footsteps loudly echoed around the building. Irene was getting away, running faster than her. Hannah’s legs ached, and her lungs felt close to bursting. She wanted to yell at Irene to stop, but she didn’t have the air to spare.

Eventually she stopped, her hands on her knees. Her breaths were deep and fast. Irene had run away from her. She wasn’t fast enough to catch her in the dark halls of the asylum. She had failed.

She stood and breathed for a bit longer, then drank a large part of a bottle of water. She needed it after the running.

Hannah started walking again.

She’d find Irene.

(Hannah Kendrickstone continued in The List of Adrian Messenger.)
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