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the way to dusty death; 1st Day, Dusk - Private. Sorry.
Topic Started: Oct 3 2016, 04:33 PM (517 Views)
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It was a good show. A real good show, okay? Would they be happy if she just gave them that? If she just threw up her hands, looked at the camera, and went, 'you got me?' 'cuz for a second, all the pageantry, all the fanfare or whatevs, all the detail, like...it got to her. It looked real. Like maybe this was legit, they were abandoned out in the middle of nowhere and maybe people were dying, and maybe she'd taken the quirky aesthetic a couple steps too far because she was scared and everything was fucked and she couldn't breathe and and and-

But no. That couldn't be right. It was just a really good trick, that was all. She hadn't seen any bodies, right? Just a bunch of other scared and confused people, and some of them had bought in, but not her. No, they got her, but not for long. Just like, a quick moment of weakness, and now it was over. She was just glad that Hannah and Olive hadn't seen her crack, because she'd never live that down after this all shook out, y'know?

And it had to shake out soon. Nobody could keep this kind of thing up long before the strings started to show. The trick was figuring out exactly what it was. A prank didn't really add up, because man, who would air this? Career suicide right there b o y z, nobody was stupid enough to bank it all on that. Unless it was some weird internet thing. Oh god, it could totally be some weird internet thing. If somebody came out of the bushes screaming "JUST A PRANK BRO," she could actually shoot them, it'd be so lame. Was the school cringey enough to do something like that, or like, did someone just sink a ton of cash into this? That couldn't be the case, because if that was the case, she was gonna get gif'd to death for letting Johnny Three go off earlier. And also for whatever embarrassing stuff she did in her sleep. She definitely did embarrassing stuff in her sleep, and they'd probably caught some of it before she came to on that beach.

Was it bad that that felt worse than this being real? Like, that had to be messed up, right? She really should deal with that when they got home, girl gotta sort her priorities out. Death was not worse than Meme Hell.


It was easy to keep that kinda manic energy going as they trawled through the place together. The three of them shining flashlights all over the place felt like something out of a cheesy Scooby Doo spin-off where like, Daphne and Velma go off to college and pick up a spunky third wheel to tag along with The Forbidden Ship. Mysteries by day, pillow fights by night, and like, probably classes in there sometimes too whenever it was convenient for the plot. What kind of ghost would they be looking for here? The Asylum Abomination? The Glasspane Ghoul? The Disorderlies? Ugh, that one was terrible, just terrible, she was gonna have to up her game for-

The flashlight dropped out of her hands and rolled across the floor into the pool of congealed blood around what used to be a person. A good enough look and maybe you could tell who it used to be. A good sorority detective would hunt for clues, look around for signs, push past the disgust to prove that it wasn't real after all and the dead body was just a lot of food coloring and corn starch and old man Jenkins hiding in a mask while he jerked off in the closet. Irene wasn't a good detective though. At the moment, she wasn't really conscious enough to know what she was, other than running.

((Irene Djezari Continued Elsewhere))
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