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We're Here Because We're Here
Topic Started: Oct 3 2016, 10:36 AM (916 Views)
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((Jordan Green continued from The World Turned Upside Down))

Jordan had barely slept at all.

There was too much space, too much time, too much room for him to think, to wait, to wander. Where nothing happened and where he made nothing happen.

His mind was wandering aimlessly, just a constant stream of thoughts with no meaning or direction. They somehow had the luck, or the misfortune to have met no one else since the morning, and that only added to the creepy feeling that the island had given him thus far. It was too quiet around here, as if even the insects were too afraid to make any noise, and the only sounds he could hear were what he guessed was the distant crashing of waves upon the shore.

Mid-morning came, bringing with it the voice and its list of names. Names of people he knew, of people he saw in school, of people he heard so much about, but said nothing to, people who he had passed by in school without saying another word, people who had been simply been there all his school life and were just suddenly not there anymore.

Ten people. That was a lot of dead people. Seven killers. Far too many as well. Did it really take so little for people to start killing others? He barely knew most any of the killers but it seemed unnatural. It was somehow simultaneously worrying, yet distant and unreal.

They'd talked after that, him and Hazel, about what they were supposed to do. He had no idea what they should be doing, but somehow at the end of it all, they'd decided to head to the radio tower. Maybe they'd find something there, unlikely as that felt. What were the odds that they would leave something anything there that was useful after that fiasco all those years back. They had years to prepare for this.

But when they reached there, it was clear they weren't the first people to think it was a good place to head for. There were already people there, the Korean goth dude whose name momentarily escaped him was clearly the one standing in the door frame. There were clearly others inside, given how he was standing.

"Um, hey! Are you guys..." His question trailed off with the thought that he had absolutely no idea what he was planning to ask.
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It was hard to be upset at not being recognised. It was normal enough of an occurrence, even if it wasn't an entirely pleasant one. It wasn't as if he went out of his way to get noticed, and Hazel's introduction was more than enough for him.

Besides, it'd be hypocritical of him, given that he had been struggling to remember the other guy's name as well. Jay. He was half-certain of that now, but only half, and he decided that he'd simply avoid using his name for as long as he could. His temper was was well known enough and Jordan wasn't exactly keen on dying simply because he messed up someone's name.

Vanessa and Lizzie were inside the building, Liz looking like she was crying, or had been, Vanessa talking to her, probably trying to calm her down.

Jordan only noticed the injury when he started limping towards them, the table leg that had been hastily tied to his leg making it clear that this was recent. Vanessa's words of explanation, that Alvaro did it, didn't make him feel any better. There were people dying, people dead on the island, and this was made it feel much more real than the names announced out of thin air.

"There's not much really. We've just been wandering about until we found you guys. We haven't seen Ty about either. Sorry."

There was electronic equipment behind them, a tangle of wires and machines that looked far less decrepit than he had expected from anything on this island.

Might it still work? It was unlikely to the point of ridiculousness, the place had been on the map, and that probably meant that they wanted people to come here to try and fail to get any of it to work. And yet, for all that, they might as well check it out.

"Has anyone tried any of the electronic stuff here?"
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They were useless, huh? Getting his hopes up a little seemed like a bit of downer now and past him was going to have to squarely take the blame for that.

"Yeah, moving sounds good."

No point staying here if nothing worked anyway.

He followed after the pair, Jae still limping badly and leaning against Hazel for support. He was half-expecting everyone else to follow suit, but Lizzie had decided that she'd be looking for Ty. Vanessa was also going elsewhere to find her friends. Probably her band members, he could have sworn seeing some of them on the bus.

It wouldn't be his first choice, splitting up like this, but he couldn't blame them. They had people that they wanted to find, talk to, and share experiences for what might be the last time. But for him? Was there anyone he'd really wanted to find? The people from drama were cool and all but there wasn't anyone that'd he'd really consider a particularly close friend. Definitely no one he'd want to spend so much time and energy to search for.

He didn't have any plans now. Not now. Three days ago all he'd been worried about was scripts and classes and now all of that had been left behind in Kingman, together with his dreams of making it big and getting out.

Maybe if he was a little more twisted, the same could apply here. Make it big, and get out.

He wasn't. He wouldn't.

Was he okay with that?

((Jordan Green continued in We're in This Together))
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