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Topic Started: Oct 2 2016, 02:11 AM (1,028 Views)
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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Tch. She hesitated. A brief moment of doubt was all the boy needed to make his escape. She did not bother to chase him.

Alvaro Vacanti.

She heard that name moments ago. Scout wanted to doubt. Wanted to make excuses. But she remembered the circumstances of that death, and she had been following the boy up until the announcement. So just one kill. Just the one. She had been prepping herself and of all the names he could have given her it was the one that gave Scout pause. She could trust the announcement as far as she could toss it. The description was vague, did not give any real details. 'Too close to the edge'? Could mean anything. Could have been an accident. Could have been self-defense. Could be anything. The gamemasters are not presupposed to giving context, and Scout had a feeling that asking the killers for said context wasn't going to get her anywhere.

Why was he acting so suspicious? Why didn't he just reassert himself?

Maybe he was just a pussy on top of being a rat.

Sounded right to her.

Alvaro Vacanti. She'd remember that name. Scout Pfeiffer had a damn good memory, and that wasn't the sort of name you forget.

Which is good. Because if she heard that name again? Didn't matter what rock Alvaro Vacanti hid under. Scout would find him eventually.

And when she did? She was going to make him wish she just killed him right away instead of making him wait.

Scout walked over to the bag. She searched through the contents, took what she deemed useful and left the bag. She only needed the one, and she did not want people to get the wrong impression.

The bills fluttered to the floor. She did not bother to pick them up. Scout Pfeiffer left.

(Scout Pfeiffer continued The List of Adrian Messenger.)
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