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見てください; Please Look At Me; One-shot, beginning of Day 2
Topic Started: Oct 2 2016, 01:39 AM (167 Views)
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((Nancy Kyle continued from 白色雑音.))

Needless to say, Nancy didn't get much sleep that night. Every time she tried, Jae's battered form or Scarlett's gaping axe wound flashed in her vision and she was jolted wide awake. Then she would hear a sound and stayed rigidly in place, until she was absolutely sure it was just her imagination, and not someone coming to kill her.

And then of course there was the n̸̴ơ̸̵̧͢i̵͏̶s̷͟͝͝e̸̶̢. It would pop up intermittently and Nancy would cover her ears, shaking her head to make it go away.

Something had to make it go away... but nothing she tried worked.

She bolted from building to building, trying to find her personal safe space, trying to find somewhere she could rest up, but her paranoia eliminated every possible location.

All of that came together to turn Nancy into a zombie as she wandered the cliffs.

She dropped to the ground from exhaustion, and her eyes closed. If anyone were to come across her in this state, she'd be completely defenseless. But no one did. What eventually woke her up, about half an hour after she closed her eyes, was the crackling of the island's speakers as the announcements went live.

She jolted awake again.

She listened to the announcement.

She heard her name on the announcement.

She screamed again, the n̢̕͘͝o̧̕͢͡͠i̴̢͟͏̛ş̸͞e̷̡͝͡ drowning out the worst of it... but not all of it.

Nancy's throat felt hoarse, and then the announcement ended.

Nancy killed someone. And now everyone knew. Not just on the island... but also at home. Everyone who watched the feed knew. Her family... would they watch?


They wouldn't forgive her. They would never forgive her, not for the rest of her life.

The rest of her life. Nancy realized it. That important thing that Nancy had forgotten back on the bridge. Her family wouldn't forgive her for killing Scarlett. But... Nancy suddenly realized that that wasn't important.

Not really.

Because Nancy was going to die.

There were so many students on that bus, and only one person could go home. What were the chances of Nancy being that one person? Not good. Not good at all.

That's right... Nancy was going to die. And that meant... that meant that being forgiven didn't really matter.

That's when Nancy started laughing. She laughed at the absurdity of it all. She laughed because she realized none of it mattered.

She laughed because the noise had stopped.

Nancy could think clearly now. And since she could think clearly, the facts came crashing down, one at a time.

1. There was slim to no chance that she was going home... because she was going to die.
2. Because she was going to die, what she did on this island... for the rest of her life, didn't matter.
3. Nancy didn't want to be forgotten. She didn't want to be just some nobody with nothing to her name. All throughout her life, all she wanted was validation... that someone knew her. Knew of her.
4. The terrorists announced the names of the killers for the whole island to hear. For everyone who was watching to hear.

That's right. Nancy's name was on the announcements. They would know. Everyone would know.

Then Nancy would make them keep knowing. They would hate her. Oh yes, they would hate her, but that didn't matter because she was going to die.

That didn't matter because they would know her.

Nancy would make the world know... make the world remember who she was. They would say her name, over and over. She would never be forgotten, she'd make sure of that.

She'd make the island her stage. She'd perform a live so captivating, so absolutely awesome in scale that everyone would notice.

They would keep saying her name. And her name would spread, staying a hot topic forever.

They would watch her. They would hate her. But they would remember. She would eventually die, but she would live on forever.

Nancy's laughter died down, and she began to walk away from the cliffs.

Make them remember your name, Nancy.

Make them remember you.

((Nancy Kyle continued in 幽霊屋敷.))
Let's show that private threads still aren't necessary! I pledge not to start any private threads on the island in V6. If I started a thread in-game, you are welcome to join it.

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