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Just People In A Messed Up Place; Tagging Toxie and RC
Topic Started: Sep 26 2016, 07:41 AM (833 Views)
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((Jonathan Gulley continued from Kanji my computer can't translate with a copy paste))

To anyone's eye, Jonathan looked like shit. The expression on his face, the dried tear stains on his cheeks, the matted hair, the cuts and scratches on his chest from the fact he had no shirt and had walked through thick brush to get here... And to those people's eyes, they were right, he did look like shit; he also felt like it. As he walked towards the cliffs, he had to contemplate his next move. As he was nearing the cliffs, he couldn't get what happened to Barry out of his head, nothing he thought of could block it. Home, escape, death, his friends, all of it got replaced by Barry's last words, and the moments before he approached Alvaro. Jonathan refused to think of him after those moments, but that last image of his face, haphazardly turned in an angle like that, it sickened him. Someone like that, they- they didn't deserve this.

He couldn't think of his plan to escape, or even let someone find them, he couldn't think of what happened if he were to actually make it home, and if anyone he was close to would stay close provided they even survived too... Jonathan walked towards the cliffs, the fence blocking him from the other side. It wasn't the only thing blocking him; no matter how much Jonathan wanted to give up, he knew he couldn't. Hunt down Alvaro, kill himself, find his friends and live out his last moments in some sort of civility, win; all of those thoughts passed his mind, but he knew he couldn't do any of them. Grabbing the gate, he stared out into the ocean, despite all of the hellish experiences this island gave him in just under an hour, the ocean was a surprisingly calming sight. The reasons they were calming however, disturbed even Jonathan.

No matter what happened to him or his classmates on this island, the world moved on. People wake up, go to work, go home, sleep, and then they do it all again. Maybe a group of people spoke up, maybe Kingman would mourn, but that's it. That's all they'd get. The worst would be the people giving them actual attention, the ones who'd watch it, place bets, and treat it like a simple game of football. Outside of that, school would open and close, kids were preparing for summer break, and the president might give them a single sentence about how sorry he was this happened, and that he'd try better next time. That's it, that's all they got.

Jonathan wanted to be the one to change something, he couldn't end up like this, he had to make sure nobody else did either. He had to make a change somehow. But how was the question, nobody would give him a single second to explain, not even a thought, they were all content with dying here. He didn't get it, either they thought he was a joke, or they avoided him because of the people he hung out with. They either thought he was trouble, or just stupid, and that he wasn't worth the time.

He turned around, planning to walk back into the brush, when something caught his peripheral vision. Brendan Harte was staring right at him as if Jonathan had just killed someone. He was right there, sitting by a hill, just looking at him, in broad daylight, anyone aware could have noticed. If Brendan was playing, Jonathan would've already been dead... Maybe Jonathan was as dumb as people thought.

"H-hey, Brendan..." Maybe, just maybe, Brendan could help him. Jonathan hoped this wouldn't be like the other times.
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Brendan actually asked him if he was okay. There were a lot of answers he could give. Physically, he was okay, a few scratches and some exhaustion maybe, but mentally, emotionally? No, he wasn't too okay. He didn't know what to tell Brendan, it looked like he hasn't seen what's been going on. Maybe he didn't know? Should he tell him? Earlier, it was so easy to just get it out of the way, just acknowledge it. Would he tell Brendan? Should he tell Brendan?

"I- I don't know... People, they..." Jonathan didn't know how to word it, he didn't know if he should tell him about Barry or Clarice, or where he woke up, or what could be happening right now that Alvaro's got Barry's gun. "People are, well they're dying. Not by suicide either..." Jonathan's eyes trailed to his feet.

He didn't know if he could really do this, but if he didn't tell Brendan, than he could be killed later on. He had to. Just like he has to get everyone he can off this island. This is the only way, this is it, people needed to know the gravity of the situation, it was the best he could do until he thought of a plan to get help.

"When I woke up, I was trapped in a cell, couldn't see, and I could barely breath..." He had to start from the beginning. "Barry a-a-and Tina, Tina Luz, they got me out of there... I- well I also saw Scarlett and Aiden, a-and they left, I don't know what happened to them, I hope they're okay." It was weird how different everything felt then, how he thought he might get through this unscathed, how Barry could've gotten through this. "W-we went to the bell tower, and Tina disappeared."

He couldn't believe how quick everything had went by, now that he was telling someone else his story, the shock of it hit him harder then replaying the scenes in his head. All of this happened in just under an hour. "At the bell tower, there were a lot of people, w-we thought we could group up with them, maybe plan an escape. Nancy, the anime fan, she cut Clarice a-and the others left." Jonathan wanted to stop there, he knew what was next. He couldn't, Brendan had to know.

"We rung the bell." Jonathan lowered his head. "Only one other person showed up. H-he..."

"Alvaro, h-he killed Barry, pushed him off the bell tower! I had use my shirt to cover his-" Jonathan burst into tears. "A-a-and I had nothing else, I-I didn't know what to do, and Alvaro stole Barry's bag a-a-a-and now he has a fucking gun!"

Jonathan leaned against the fence and covered his face.

"I-I just don't wanna die here, I don't want anyone else to die here..."
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I... I don't really know if I can or want to sleep, I just..." Jonathan didn't really know what to say or do. He was tired, but could he sleep? He wanted to get everyone he could off this island, but he didn't know how. He didn't have time to sleep, but at the same time he couldn't think straight. He was at a dilemma, would more people die because of inaction, or would whatever plan he create fail because it wasn't thought through properly. "I..." He wanted to tell Brendan that he was planning an escape, that he'd need help. What if the terrorists catch on? They heard him already at the bell tower, and if he told Brendan? Brendan might get killed because of him too...

"I want to warn the others about Alvaro." It was a partial lie, but at the same time, anyone he met would be warned. He wanted to tell Brendan the truth, but he couldn't risk people getting killed because of him, he couldn't have it happen like what happened to Barry. He needed help though if he were to plan an escape. He couldn't think, he wasn't thinking rationally. Brendan was right, he needed some sleep. Jonathan sat down, leaning against the fence.

Brendan was the first person outside of Barry to show any sort of concern for him. Everywhere they went, people disappeared. Brendan was the first who didn't. Brendan was the first to actually stay, to ask about what had happened. He couldn't have blamed Clarice or Conrad, they had to find Clarice some help. But the others? Aiden didn't believe what was in front of him, and Scarlett stayed with him, Tina just left. If they all stayed together, Barry would still be alive, maybe they could have talked down Alvaro, maybe he wouldn't have been a murderer. Jonathan couldn't help but blame them for it, it didn't take long for him to be disgusted in himself for thinking that. He couldn't blame them, not even Alvaro to an extent, it was those terrorists fault. Alvaro was responsible for his own actions to an extent, but he'd have never done it if he wasn't here.

Brendan stayed however, he didn't leave. That was enough to help him continue. But for how long would he stay? He hoped he wouldn't wake up alone again. Jonathan looked up at Brendan.

"Brendan, please, don't leave."
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Brendan sat down besides Jonathan and told him he would stay. Not only that, he offered to give him his hoodie. Jonathan hadn't thought about it at the time, but he was getting cold. Brendan trusted Jonathan, he'd stay with him. Jonathan thanked Brendan and took the jacket, zipping it up over him. Brendan had trusted Jonathan, and Jonathan had trusted Brendan, and right now, that was all that mattered. That would be enough. Jonathan never realized when he fell asleep mere moments later.

Jonathan awoke back in his cell, it was dark, but there were small lights glowing in and out. Oh no... No, no, no, no no! Jonathan ran to the door and beat on it. This couldn't have all been a dream! It couldn't have been, he can't be back here! This wasn't good! No, they couldn't have left him here, they didn't did they?! Was all that happened a dream?! Footsteps in the distance, Jonathan cried out, but a loudspeaker drowned him out.

Our first casualty of the festivities was Jennifer Su. Friendly reminder not to play on the edge of bridges, guys.

"Please, please let me out!" Jonathan banged on the door.

Up next, Nancy Kyle took it upon herself to take an axe to Scarlett McAfee. Ten points for guessing what happens when hatchet meets human body.

Jonathan continued screaming, the footsteps got closer, but they didn't move much faster.

If you ever wondered who would be a bad person to run into in a dark room, well, you have your answer in Kimiko Kao. You have Cristóbal Morales to thank for making that discovery for all of you. I'll pass his corpse your regards.

The footsteps where right there before they stopped. The door began to slide open, slowly.

Speaking of playing around in high places, Barry Banks stepped a little too close to the edge and Alvaro Vacanti gave him a helping hand over it. Whoops.

The door opened, Alvaro was standing on the other end. That same stare, those same bruises, but something was different. He had a gun. Barry's gun. Jonathan backed away, but there was only the wall behind him. The light behind Alvaro was almost blinding, he became a silhouette the farther Jonathan backed away. Once he hit the wall, another light came into view, starting from the arm holding Barry's gun...

Brendan woke Jonathan up just in time, he was trying to get his attention. The announcements, they're starting.
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Jonathan just stared at the sky, his eyes meeting where the sun would be had it not been covered by clouds. Of all the people...

He remembered when he woke up, the first four people he met. Scarlett, Barry, Aiden, and Tina. Out of all five of them, only him and Aiden were still alive, and chances were if they stayed together, they'd all still be alive. Why'd they have to leave? They could've gotten something set, they'd have been able to make a plan, get out of here. Because of them, they're all dead, Barry's dead... Brendan, Darius, Michael, himself... They were all going to die here because they didn't stick together, they didn't try.

They didn't care. None of them. Alvaro, Kimiko, Alex, Isabel, Nancy... None of them cared, they'd rather indulge in some sick power fantasy, get back at everyone then actually do anything productive. They're too scared to fight back, because the terrorists would kill them if they do, yet the one in one hundred plus chance was any better?! What would you take, getting tortured to death by some vindictive classmate, or getting your collar blown? It was a stupid dream to kill your way off, everyone should know that by now, if they all fought back, they could make it. A lot would die, but a lot of them are gonna die either way. He didn't understand it. Maybe he should listen to his gut, give in.

He's right, you know.

He had plans to get everyone off this island, he didn't know how he was going to do it, but he'd do it. It'd hurt, and he knew he was going to watch people die, he was going to die, but he'd get them out. If he couldn't live with himself for getting others killed in his plan, there's no way he'd live with himself by playing into their game. He had to fight back, for Barry's sake. He couldn't just-

There was a figure. A recognizable one. One that Jonathan could trust anywhere. Jonathan smiled. He got up and ran towards Darius.

It was only when he got close he realized how badly messed up he was. Jonathan's smile turned into a frown.

"Holy shit, Darius! What happened?"
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Heh. Darius didn't lose his sense of humor too much. That was good, he was the same old Darius, which meant the rest of his friends were the same. None of them were out killing people yet. His first thought was to ask if he saw Michael anywhere, but he stopped, he knew if Darius or Michael had found each other they'd stay close, he'd also be here right not. Either he didn't find him, or he died somewhere in between journeys, but he knew the latter wasn't the case. Darius wouldn't be so calm if it did happen.

Almost immediately after, Darius warned Jonathan that Junko attacked him. Shit, was she playing too? Jonathan looked at the ground a moment. There were more than just the people on the announcements who weren't friendly. It was going to be a lot harder than he thought. Darius switched his conversation to something else, words he'd never think Darius of all people would say. Words that quite frankly gave Jonathan some hope that people can be saved.

Then Darius decided to start saying shit about them not trying. He acted like they weren't doing anything, that they were just letting it happen. The comment itself made him want to cry, but he wasn't quite sure if he even had any tears left. His sadness turned into anger.


Jonathan shook his head. "We tried, me and Barry..."

He decided to tell him what happened.

"We wanted to get people to come to the bell tower, maybe we'd plan something out. Alvaro came. Barry had an Ess Em Gee. Alvaro's got it now..."

"Please, don't call me or him lazy, because I just saw the man who saved my life get pushed off a fucking bell tower, just so his killer can loot him and run off like the coward he is!"

Jonathan pointed over to Brendan.

"After Barry, he's the only other person on this fucking island I've found who's trying to be helpful!"

Jonathan should have felt bad, snapping at Darius like that, but he pressed too far this time.

"So don't you ever, EVER insinuate that either of us are lazy again, you think getting beat the fuck up by Junko's bad?! How about finding out that three- "

Jonathan realized he'd seen Conrad earlier, he saw Nancy earlier, both appeared on the announcements as well.

"F-five of the people you met are dead, one of them a killer, along with two other killers you saw but let go because you couldn't do anything about it!"

"How about having to cover the face of a dead friend with your own shirt because you had nothing else to cover it with!"

"How about finding so many people in so little fucking time that out of all of them, only two wanted to help and now one of them's dead, while the ones who bailed on you are either dead or killers?!"

"How about meeting a close friend and being concerned if they're hurt or not, only to treat the whole thing like a damn joke, then call you lazy!"

"How about that, huh?! Am I that fucking lazy, Darius?! You tell me, because you seem to be the expert on getting us out of this fucking mess!"

Jonathan backed up, breathing heavily. Darius didn't know, he was trying to help, but he didn't know. Jonathan shouldn't have snapped at him.

"Darius, I-I'm sorry, I- I didn't mean it like that..."

He felt the tears coming back.
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Jonathan backed away just as Brendan spoke behind him. He wanted to ask him what he thought, but Darius interrupted him with more Darius level fuckery. Jonathan could only look back as his friend continued to assault Brendan verbally, before turning to him.

This wasn't going to be good...

Jonathan listened to Darius' words. Every single one of them oozed the sort of condescending bullshit he wouldn't have expected from Darius of all people. Darius was a jackass yeah, but normally, he was a jackass that was humble, one that understood. The Darius standing in front of him?

He didn't know. Darius simply did not know. That was it, that was what hit him.

Could Jonathan blame him? He hasn't seen anyone die yet, and on top of that, he may have had his brains scrambled by Junko for all we know.

It didn't help how badly he was treating Brendan like shit. Of course he knew. He knew the two didn't like each other. He heard about the skate park. He blocked from his mind that it was Michael bragging about what happened, but he knew.

"Darius. Could you just..."

Jonathan couldn't take it, he couldn't take the way Darius was just ever so calm about this. Like he could just casually press a button and they were all back home. So calm like the ones who died didn't matter. So calm like this would be so easy...

Jonathan was fed up of crying. He wasn't going to tear up anymore. But he would not let Darius, or anyone on this island walk over him. He'd get everyone he could off this island. Crying wasn't solving anything.

And to be honest... Neither was Darius.

"Could you just either say something useful, or shut the fuck up?"

He turned to look at Brendan, flagging him to wait a moment before leaving. He turned back to Darius, tugging on the edges of his-Brendan's hoodie.

" I want to hear an actual plan out of you. Something besides shitting on us, then pretending to feel bad for shit you didn't experience. I know you, Darius, I know exactly how you act, you like to pretend you know all about experiences you've never been through. Like you know what I've fucking seen. I-I'm getting real fed up of the shit you're spewing out of your mouth right now. If you can't think of anything else to say outside of bitching and moaning that we haven't done the work for you, then go somewhere else to do it, because we're getting off this island, and if I need to find someone more productive in helping, I will."

Darius wanted Jonathan to be productive? Did he want him to help him? Fine. But Darius better pull his own weight as well. He knew Darius all too well. He'd like to pretend that he could put himself in someone else's shoes. Maybe that was his way of justifying treating them like shit.

"Because newsflash, getting beat up and nearly killed by a girl isn't too productive in getting off of this island, Dee. You're gonna have to come up with a better excuse than that as to why you haven't done anything either if you want to win us over."

He withheld Junko's name to taunt him. Hell, he even called him by Michael's nickname just to add some more salt into the wound. Let's see how he likes it huh? Would he keep it up, or would he turn his tail and give up, like he called them out for doing. He wanted to see how much Darius really believed his own words, or if it was really all just bullshit.

He looked at Brendan.

"If you want to go and find your friends, go ahead, but don't leave just yet, we have to make a meet up point. Somewhere we all hole up for this. You find your friends, you bring them there, and we'll figure something out okay?"

Barry wasn't going to die for nothing, and Jonathan wasn't going to let Darius just shit on his life like that. If there was anything Darius said right, it was this.

You had it difficult yesterday, and I understand and respect that. Today, bad shit won't happen.

It wouldn't happen. He would make sure of it. For Barry, for Brendan. For the living, and the dead. Even for Darius.
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Jonathan wasn't surprised. Darius didn't budge. Well... Jonathan was kind of speechless actually.

He truly did not have a clue about what was going on around him. He never remembered Darius's lack of empathy, but it might be the island. There was the fact that he was trying to find something, though messages in bottles wouldn't work at all, unless maybe a year later if they were lucky. Even if one person died a day, they wouldn't get anyone to come that way.

There was the second option, and that got Jonathan's attention.

The radio tower. There was equipment inside, dated equipment, but equipment nonetheless. That was their real message in a bottle. If they could get that working, they'd be set. They'd send a message out. Help will come.

Darius' mind might not have been in the right place, but his heart was. He didn't want to act like he cared, but he did. He wanted to keep himself detached from it all, but Jonathan knew.

That's why Jonathan chose to follow Darius.

It was a shame Brendan didn't want to go with them, but he understood why. He knew their history, plus Brendan wanted to find his friends. Hopefully he did. Then they'd have more people helping them, they'd be able to make it!

Things would turn out okay.

Barry, we're gonna get off this island, you won't have died in vain.

Jonathan ran to catch up to Darius.

They could do this, they'd escape.

((Jonathan Gulley, continued elsewhere))
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