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逃げろ; Run Away
Topic Started: Sep 23 2016, 10:15 PM (172 Views)
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((Nancy Kyle continued from これでいい。))

Nancy kept running, but the n͟͡ơ͞͞í͜s̡̀e͟҉́ kept following her. It followed her as she set foot on the bridge, it followed her as her footsteps pounded against the concrete of the walkway.

It followed her as she tripped, tumbled forward, and landed face-down.

She laid there for a while, curled up into a ball. She looked up, dragged her way to a steel beam and sat against it. She looked down, staring at the hatchet laid across her lap.

She breathed in, but as soon as she did, the n̡̢͟o͏̷̨͘i̶̸̵s̸̡͏e̷͡ intensified again, and Nancy clasped her ears. She had to do something to stop it. She pulled her daypack over, opened it, and grabbed a water bottle. She uncapped it and roughly took a swig from it, chugging its contents until she was forced take a breath. That was about half of the water bottle.

It helped. A bit. Kind of. The dull ringing persisted, but Nancy could... she could think. She looked down at the hatchet again, now absolutely caked in blood. That was Scarlett's blood. A bit of Clarice's blood was still on there, too, probably.

Scarlett. Nancy didn't want to think about it, but...

It had buried itself into Scarlett's back. There was so much blood on her person. That...

That wasn't survivable. There was no way Scarlett would have survived that.

That made Nancy a killer. A murderer.

The revelation hit Nancy like a truck, and she screamed. It wasn't just a scream of horror, but also of rage and panic.

That surprised her more than it should have.

The n͜͠o͏ì͏̶͘s͢é intensified again, and Nancy's vision blurred as white spots dotted it.

"I... What did I..." Nancy started, "What did I do?"

She whimpered, then sniffed, before shakily standing up.

She carefully wiped her eyes, making sure none of the blood on her got in them.

She had a feeling she was forgetting something important, but the n͏҉ǫ̸͏̵̀įs̴̷̡͜ȩ̸̛͞ made it hard to wrap her head around... anything.

She began to walk again. After a while, she began to speed up as the n҉̶̶̨͟o̷̕i͜͢͝s̷̨͢͝e҉̸ raised in volume.

Even as she ran herself ragged, she didn't stop until she stepped off of the bridge.

((Nancy Kyle continued in 白色雑音.))
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