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Topic Started: Sep 22 2016, 06:05 PM (984 Views)
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Can you hear me?
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((Junko Kurosawa continued from 96+ Quite Bitter Beings. Everything in here’s approved, but lemme know if something needs to change.))

Man, what was this shit? It was like something out of a horror game, swear to god. Was some crazy doctor wannabe gonna slice off her fingers? But yeah, it looked like they’d been tossed in what had to be the unholy mixture of Alcatraz and Arkham Asylum. Or something. Junko wondered how they managed to find a place like this to host their death game.

Anyways, she was now in some kind of library. Books were in good condition, which was strange. Junko wasn’t much of a book person. Sure, she could appreciate all the effort people put into getting kids to read, especially in the era of Google. But, she was more of a go-out-and-play person. Books were entertaining, but they weren’t entertaining the same way going to the skate park was, you know? She did like comics, yeah. But you know. But Junko may or may not have snuck a book into her bag. May. Eh, it was reading material.

Junko zipped up her bag, and saw a shadow. She swore to god her heart skipped over a beat. She slid closer, looking behind a bookcase. Jazzy Reed, huh? She was close with people like Caedyn. Junko’s experiences with Caedyn… weren’t positive. Not only that, but Jasmine was a weeb. A weeb who wanted to go to Japan. A weeb who drew in a “manga” style. A weeb who had absolutely no interest in anything that wasn’t Japanese. That kind of weeb. It wasn’t a secret that certain anime fans annoyed Junko, but she had to think.

Jazzy wasn’t paying attention to her bag, sitting on the chair next to her.

Junko knew she had to make a decision at some point. Four bottles would only last a few days, at most. She’d been reduced to three, because of Darius being a moron. Even if he wasn’t a moron, where was she going to get more? Drinking too much water could give you runner’s cramps, yeah, but know what’s worse? Dehydration. Not fun. She never found out how to filter water so that it was safe to drink, or anything. Of course, one way had occurred to her. Everyone had gotten four bottles. Darius had wasted all of his and one of hers, but there you go. Four total. Which meant that if she was up to it…

She slid the bat out of the bag.

She stepped closer.

Jazzy seemed to have noticed the sound, and looked up. But she looked back down.

She’d found someone. And Jazzy, Jazzy was someone who she didn’t like. But was it worth it? She was someone annoying, and was willing to hang around an even more annoying person. But she knew, in the back of her brain, that what she was considering was wrong. But she pushed it away. She pushed away the memory of beating Darius, and she pushed away her doubts. A conscience wouldn’t help her any, would it?

Junko thought of Jazzy and Caedyn, and her grip tightened.

It wouldn’t.

Junko was right behind Jasmine. She’d looked up again, her finger wedged into the book. But it was too late. The bat went swinging into the back of her head. Jazzy fell, hitting her head against the desk before landing on the floor.

Everything else was on automatic. Junko felt herself moving quickly towards the chair with the bag. She felt herself pull the strap over her shoulder with her free hand. She felt the weight of the bags on two shoulders. Jazzy might have said or done something, but she wasn’t paying attention.

Instead, Junko ran. The bags beat against her sides as she sprinted towards the exit. The door swiftly loomed into sight. Her vision blurred, only focusing on it. It felt like the world’s most twisted track event ever.

Her hand touched the doorknob, and turned. For a second, Junko looked behind her, but looked away. She opened. She ran outside.

The door closed behind her.

((Junko Kurosawa continued in Slow Motion Rocky Punches))

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