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Forget About What I Said; 'I'm older now and I know you hear me.'
Topic Started: Sep 16 2016, 12:15 PM (1,560 Views)
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Henry fumbled the protein candy bar thing as he caught it, but it didn't hit the ground so all was good. He devoured it quickly, talking between bites.

"I didn't catch their names." He said, then swallowed. "It was...that one chick with the crazy hair?" Gesturing vaguely in what might resemble dreadlocks if you were reading his mind. "She had like a big gun? I dunno what kind. She and that girl she's dating were the ones."

Henry felt bad lying, but it was pretty embarrassing to have freaked out and fled his friends. Covering up for that felt like the only way to ensure he got any help at all. So he had to go with it.

"Thanks again guys. If you don't mind me sticking around for a little while..." Henry smiled sheepishly. He adjusted the whip still slung around his shoulder. It seemed Nate was heading off, so he figured he'd follow them for a time.

All in all, things were starting to look up.

((Henry Spencer continued in In This Starless Night))
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Maybe find them, Ben said. Sure, why not? Go on ahead and seek out violent murderers. Ones who probably have swords and shit. Sounded like a perfect idea to him, really. He honestly couldn't think of anything he'd rather do. Grab his god damn selfie stick and run up to someone with a knife and start swinging. It could only go one way - well.

No, wait, actually. The idea of doing that struck him as fucking stupid.

Looked like everyone else wanted to get out of this storage closet. After sitting in it for about three or so days, he couldn't help but agree. As much as he loved sitting in the dark and talking about absolutely nothing worth remembering all day long, he was more than ready to leave. After hearing Ben saying 'we gotta move', Matt noticeably perked up. Move? Somewhere that isn't the storage closet? Sure, he thought. He could do that. He was certain there was a time when he had done more on this island than sit inside a closet, but he couldn't quite recall when that was and what he did.

"Alright," he said. "We're leaving?" He could almost smile, really, if he weren't on this stupid fucking island. "Alright, uh, just gotta grab my shit." He went over to grab his bag - opening it, he pulled out his selfie stick. "I guess I can.. hit someone with this. If they're looking for a fight."

He went out the door, glancing back at the closet. Maybe he'd come to miss this place, someday.

Yeah, wait, no. Fuck closets.

((Matt Moradi continued to Coming Out Of The Closet))
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Crazy hair... Caedyn Miller. Henry described something along the lines of a dyke, so it fit. Yeah. It made sense. She'd been somewhere on the preemptive shit list, pulling some kinda rank. Now she was just a she. Just another target to be, of something along the lines of righteous justice.

"Yeah man, you can definitely stick around. Safety in numbers, that shit." They were moving. Unfortunately the weapons still looked less than ideal for the war that was to be waged. But what was it they said? Guns didn't kill people. People killed people.

Ben would have debated calling a killer anything along the lines of 'person'.

Nate and Ben also mobilized. There wasn't much left to say, after all this. Ben had spent long enough trying to talk, and he wouldn't let himself forget that. A bag on Ben's shoulder didn't weigh quite as much as his conscience. Thoughts felt heavy when they were of failure. But his feet felt light.

So march on.

((Ben Fields and Nate Turner continued in Coming Out Of The Closet))
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