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Topic Started: Sep 16 2016, 05:32 AM (1,664 Views)
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((Isabel Ramirez continued from Rückenfigur))

Isabel trudged through the wards of the asylum, Tina's blood splashed upon her shirt and Tina's scarf wrapped around her neck, two trophies earned by the crime she committed.

Isabel was listening for other students, potential threats. The island they were on wasn't exactly very big, according to the map, and the asylum was a blatant, massive point of interest. She needed to get out of this place and stay out of this place if she wanted to stay safe, but the twisting hallways and manic architecture of the asylum left her befuddled and confused as to where she actually was.

So she wandered into another one of the wards, solitary confinement. The gates blocking off the ward were left open haphazardly, and as Isabel passed through them she couldn't help but feel as if something was horribly wrong. Still, Isabel continued further inside, hoping to maybe find a stairwell that would lead her to the bottom floor of the asylum. Isabel glanced into each of the solitary rooms as she passed by them, looking around for useful supplies or people who've already lost their minds.

Isabel stopped dead in her tracks as a scream echoed through the hallways, originating from deeper into the ward.

Isabel dodged into one of the confinement cells, hiding behind the massive metal door, sock flail in one hand and the man-catcher ready in the other. And there she sat, for a few minutes, waiting. She heard footsteps, pained grunts, and voices as they approached the cell that she was hiding in. The voices grew clearer, more distinct as they grew closer, one she recognized from earlier in the day. Clarice. It seemed the two of them had followed similar paths. Despite knowing that her voice should signify friendly faces, instead of leaving her cell, Isabel stayed inside of it. Everyone was an enemy, a potential risk to her well-being. She tensed as they walked past, only subsiding when their footsteps and voices were inaudible. Isabel stood, bracing the man-catcher again, and walked out of the cell. A trail of blood leading deeper into the ward had been left behind, presumably by the person in their group giving out those pained grunts.

Despite all of her instincts telling her otherwise, Isabel followed the trail of blood deeper into the ward, letting the yellow brick road of violence dictate her path. As she got deeper, she heard new grunts of pain and the sounds of crying. Someone else was still here. Still, Isabel kept walking, until the noises reached a crescendo as she turned a corner. A familiar face, standing, pressed against a wall. A twisted arm, blatantly broken. A bloody sword, lying on the ground. A wicked halberd, leaning against a wall.

"Oh hey, Conrad. Fancy meeting you here..."
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Isabel glanced at the bloody sword as Conrad pointed to it.

"Yeah. Amazing how quickly people snap under pressure."

Isabel looked at Conrad's arm. The break was horrendous to look at, there was no way his arm would be usable without immediate treatment. "About your arm, I might be able to like... make a splint or something? I'm not entirely sure how but I think there might be stuff in the first aid kit, maybe..." She looked at Conrad and his bag before craning her head towards the nearest solitary cell. "Here, let's get you inside here, just in case anyone dangerous comes along."

Conrad mumbled something and grunted in pain as she helped move him and his bag into the cramped padded cell, helping him rest against the wall. The cells directly around them were smaller than the one she had just been in, fairly claustrophobic. Isabel tapped her chin as she pondered for a moment, before turning her head towards the halberd and bloody sword sitting outside. "Here, lemme bring these in too. If someone finds those just sitting there while we're in here then we're sitting ducks."

Isabel rested the sword and halberd against the wall behind her, the halberd's point touching the ceiling of the room. Isabel looked in between Conrad's arm and his bag, before yanking his bag to her side of the cell and pulling out the medical kit. "Alright, lemme see if there's anything in here that I can use."

Digging around in the kit, examining the contents, trying to remember how to treat an broken bone, Isabel arrived at nothing useful, both in her knowledge and the objects in the box. Isabel leaned her head back and stared at the dim ceiling of the cell in frustration. Conrad could've been at least a somewhat useful ally to keep around until it was time to dispose of him. But if his arm was going to be stuck in the position it was, constantly causing him pain and making him more of a liability, that was for naught.

Conrad was talking about something, but Isabel tuned him out, lost in her own thoughts. She thought back to... an hour ago? She wasn't sure how much time had passed. She thought back to when she had been forcing the glass shard towards Tina's throat. How she felt this... sense of control, this... powerful feeling. Having that ability to decide whether Tina lived or died and how she died made her feel alive. It made her feel a visceral sense of agency that she had oh so little of in her life. Taking away the agency of others to empower her own sense of agency... it made her understand why her parents did it to her. Isabel let her neck relax, before rolling her head around to get the tension out of her muscles. She turned towards Conrad, her gaze no longer having the same concern it showed before. She had a helpless victim, one that would probably try to follow her around if she just left him alive, acting as a burden to her survival. A second kill might show the rest of the student body that she was not someone to be trifled with, and help Isabel steel herself against the horrible things she might have to do to survive. Maybe Clarice might want to go after her in revenge, but she could handle Clarice, she was no trouble.

And maybe, she might be able to once again feel that same rush that she got from killing Tina.

Isabel yanked the man-catcher out of her bag straps, Conrad seeming to not take much notice of her action. "Uh-huh." Isabel said as she looked at the weapon, feigning attention to Conrad's words.

Then, in one swift motion, Isabel turned and violently pinned Conrad to the wall, ensnaring him in the jaws of the weapon. She glared at him. "Stop talking." She said.

Not wanting to give Conrad time to escape, or even to process what was happening to him, Isabel brought the shaft of the man-catcher down against the other end of the wall with all the force she could manage, pinning Conrad against the wall, the spines of the weapon digging into the flesh of his torso. "Stay put, or the spines will dig into you more."

Isabel needed to make sure that Conrad didn't embed the spikes further in his flesh, since there was no point in making him suffer even more. Still, as she picked up the bloody sword, she watched Conrad struggle to break himself out of the jaws of the man-catcher with his one arm anyway. It didn't matter what he did, so long as he was pinned there, he was no threat. Safety first, no need to risk anything while taking Conrad down.

Isabel winced as Conrad screamed for help in the tiny room. She motioned to shut the door to the room, to deaden the screams. "Help isn't coming, Conrad." She turned back to face him. "You're going to die here." Isabel sat down next to him, on the side of his broken arm. "But look on the bright side, at least the pain you're feeling right now will stop momentarily, and you won't die alone. We'll be together."

Isabel stood back up almost as quickly as she sat down. "And, let's be honest. It's not like you were going to survive with an injury like that. Best to get things out of the way quickly, right? You have the whole of oblivion to look forward to."

Isabel lightly waved the sword around in her hand, judging the weight before turning her attention back to Conrad. "Goodbye."

Isabel took a deep breath, readying the sword. She would just stab Conrad in the the neck, like she did with Tina. It'll all be over quickly after that. No need for Conrad to suffer for no gain whatsoever. Conrad squirmed harder against the man-catcher, as Isabel raised the sword, desperately trying to escape, desperately pleading with her to let him go. Isabel lowered the sword slightly as she watched the spines dig into his flesh, Conrad growling and gasping as the pain got to him. She looked at Conrad's broken arm, twisting itself around, causing Conrad even more pain. All of it pain that she is indirectly causing. Seeing him squirm and inflict this pain on himself, it made her feel odd. It wasn't quite the same as the feelings of control and power she got from Tina's death. But it was similar, very similar to how she felt when she bullied people, but stronger, better.

"Maybe... maybe I'll... keep you alive, just a bit longer." Isabel said, as she lowered the sword, thinking. Conrad stopped struggling, presumably thinking that she was going to let him go. Isabel had no intentions of letting him go. Isabel instead was conflicted with what she was thinking. She wanted to explore this feeling she was getting, but it would make the most sense to her survival to just stab Conrad and leave him to bleed to death. No need to linger and drag this out, no need to waste valuable time that could mean the difference between nobody appearing to help him and someone stopping her.

Isabel clutched the upper portion of her arm that was holding the sword, biting her lip. She was about to make a mistake. Isabel sat down next to Conrad's leg as he kept talking more and more.

"I said shut up," she barked at him. She readied the blade of the sword against one of his legs, forced against the floor so it could barely bend. She stared at the sword for a bit, contemplating. "So... let's get started."

Isabel forced the sword into Conrad's leg, fresh blood pouring out of the wound as he screamed in agony. Back and forth, she moved the sword in a sawing motion, digging into Conrad's leg all the way down to the bone. Adrenaline rushed through her as Conrad screamed and pleaded with her. She twisted the sword in the wound, Conrad's screams growing more violent as the sword scratched against the surface of the bone and sloughed the flesh from where it was anchored. She smiled. The feeling was all she could think about now. It was intoxicating, liberating, something had never felt this good before. This feeling invigorated her, gave her new purpose.

Isabel ripped the sword out of Conrad's leg, the blood pooling on the ground as the skin and muscle remained attached only by a single flap. Isabel brought the sock flail out of her pocket, before winding up and hitting the side of Conrad's jaw at full force. Teeth fell out of Conrad's mouth as his jaw lopsidedly hung from where it had broken off of the base of his skull. His screams had turned into moans of agony, his mouth no longer able to project his voice properly. Isabel dropped the sock flail to the ground before readying her sword with both hands. She brought the sword down near Conrad's shoulder, but instead ended up splitting Conrad's hand nearly in half down the middle as he tried desperately to stop the blade.

Isabel chuckled as Conrad let out another wail. "That was probably worse than what I was going to do. Good job." She yanked the sword out of Conrad's hand as he tried to pull it away, before readying it again. She brought the pointed end of the blade into Conrad's torso, up from under his ribs. He let out an agonizing noise that turned to choking and gasping as his lung was sliced open.

Conrad's pain was Isabel's passion, his screams her symphony.

Still, it looked like the fun was coming to an end, as Conrad choked, his eyelids wavering. He wasn't long for this world.

Isabel took note, and begged him to stay alive. "Nonono, stay awake. Stay awake." She said, as she brought the sword up to his face and began cutting into it. "Just stay awake a little bit longer, cling to life a little bit longer. You can do it, stay awake. Stay awake." Chunks of flesh from Conrad's face fell to the floor as Isabel carved into him like meat fresh from the slaughter. Shortly after, he gave out one last gasp that seemed like an attempted scream before he stopped moving. Isabel didn't notice, and kept carving, kept imploring him to stay alive, moving up and down his face and torso as she worked, cutting, slicing, ripping, tearing.

Isabel only stopped once she had made it halfway down Conrad's torso, to where the man-catcher was still embedded, and figured out that he was dead.

"...Damn. I wanted to keep that going," she said to herself, in the now lonely room. Isabel stood and gathered her things, pillaging Conrad's bag and keeping the sword and halberd to herself. As she opened the door to leave, she stared at her blood soaked hands, still shaking from excitement. Isabel hadn't made a mistake. She had made the best decision she had ever made in her life. Isabel glanced back at Conrad's body briefly, before wincing. Still, she created quite a grisly sight.

Isabel walked out of the cell with her new weapons in tow, her shirt covered in so much blood that you almost couldn't tell that it used to be pink. Conrad's unrecognizable body lay where it was left, the man-catcher still attached and pinned to the wall. Isabel took a deep breath.

Isabel walked out of the cell feeling, for the first time in her life, truly alive.

((Isabel Ramirez continued in 白色雑音))
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