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これでいい。; This Is Fine.; Open, but things will be happening in this thread.
Topic Started: Sep 15 2016, 06:39 PM (939 Views)
Rorick Skyve
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((Aiden Slattery continued from Needles and Pins))

Goddammit, goddammit, goddammit, where the everlovin' hell had she ran off to? Felt to him like he was runnin' in circles, like he was part of some huge fuckin' joke that sent him round and round and round without him ever getting anywhere. Like, fuck.

Who'd have known Scarls was a speedy one like that? Had maybe twenty seconds or so on him back when he went after her, to be sure. Should have been no problem for him to catch up to her, but he didn't and everything was just totally sucking and - god, if only those fuckin' bells hadn't started to ring, all could have been fine! Yeah, not totally fine, far from it, but -

Aiden heard a scream.

No fuckin' mistake about it, that was definitely a fuckin' scream, close by, scary and terrible enough to make him stop dead in his tracks for a second.

He came to a slithering halt, his heart having skipped a beat. It took him no more than that, he was scared, he was so fuckin' scared, because, why the fuck would-
Another scream. A shriek. From a girl, again.

No, fuck no, no way in hell was any of that happening.

Why was he hearing that? That had to be wrong. It wasn't right, so it had to be wrong. Just had to be.

An image of Scarlett appeared in his mind, followed by more flashes of her, just random pictures flickering in his head like a movie reel had started dying - no, no fuckin' dying, why the fuck was he even thinking about that?

He started running again, took a turn, towards where the voices came from. This was so familiar. Same thing as earlier. Voices in the distance, him running through hallways, running and running until he found the origin of the voices. That had been how he found Scarlett earlier. That was how he was gonna find her again. And then all would be fine.
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Rorick Skyve
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More yelling. Oh for fuck's sake, what was going on, why did it have to be that way? Had it been only one scream, then maybe, just maybe he coulda bought she just hurt her foot or something. But it was more than that. But it didn't matter. He was gonna make sure Scarlett was alright, he couldn't fuckin' break his promise. She had to be okay.

The voices were so close now. More than just Scarls, someone else was there, some other girl, that's what it sounded like. His heart was beating so fast it was killin' him, not just because of the running, he was fuckin' scared out of his goddamn mind. Just, just-

He turned the final corner and he immediately spotted two girls. One was Scarlett.

The other was holding an axe.

It was the first thing he noticed about her, only thing that even mattered at all other than her being on her knees or her goddamn hair being all blue. She had an axe, a fucking axe or hatchet, whatever, but-

His brain was still processing that bit when he saw Scarlett, really saw Scarlett. Saw her holding her arm, with red leaking out- Oh god, oh nonononono, what the fuck, no. This wasn't happening. Jesus fuck, this wasn't happening.

"Shit, what the fuck?

It was all that was in his mind, all that he could say. Or yell.

Aiden recoiled at the sight, instinctively took a step backwards and put his hands up. This couldn't be real. He had to be dreaming, fuckin' nightmare messing with his head; had to finally wake up from this crap, this was too real to be fucking true!

"Goddammit Scarls, what the shit is going on?" He was practically screeching.
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Rorick Skyve
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He saw the girl with the axe getting up. Nancy.

Her name just came to, but it didn't matter, he felt like he had already been kicked into the gut so many times at once that this little detail didn't fuckin' matter one bit.

She stammered something. He didn't pay attention to her words. It was hard enough to get his eyes off Scarlett. Her arm bleeding like that - she had gotten hurt, she had gotten hurt and it was all his fuckin' fault. He had let her go.

The other girl raised her axe. He didn't know why. He didn't know and he didn't want to know and he didn't want to be there anymore, he didn't want anything except time freezing or stopping or starting over or something he didn't even know - he couldn't think straight anymore.

Aiden put up his hands in front of his face, like a shield, like he could just make everything go away by puttin' his fucking hands in front of it. He tried to say something but whatever shit he tried to say was cut off immediately, all he uttered was a whimper.

He heard Nancy scream. Then heard her coming towards him, loud footsteps.

Scarlett. She was yelling things too, he couldn't hear it, he was too scared to focus on anything but his own fuckin' hands in front of his eyes.

Something moved in front of him. He had to look now. At least see what was coming.

Aiden removed his hands from his face and was now staring at Scarlett's. His instincts told him to go in for a hug or tell her that everything was going to be fine. But again, he couldn't utter a single fuckin' thing, his lungs were too busy struggling to get air into him.

And then he heard a weird noise.

Saw Scarlett's expression changing.

Saw her gasping. Eyes going wide.


He opened his mouth again, felt his eyes burnin' up and his throat tightening like he was about to choke.

"You - h..hey...c'mon, no. Please."
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Rorick Skyve
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Aiden still held his hand out for Scarlett. He wasn't moving, not one bit. All he did was stand there and breathe and stare. Breathing with his mouth wide open, jaw trembling.

He heard another noise from behind Scarlett. Wet somehow, fucking wet, oh god - there was a fuckin' knot in his stomach and he felt like he had to throw up.

He got a glimpse of Nancy running away, a blurry blue flash. He didn't care. All he wanted to was just-

Scarlett was speaking. Her voice, her fucking voice, like she was hurtin' so damn much, like she was gonna- just, no, god no, why was this happening to them? To her? It was just Scarlett. Just sweet old Scarlett. Why her?

"Scarls, god, I-"

His voice broke and he tried to grab her arm, do something, do something to help her - but his fingers reached only the air and Scarlett collapsed right in front of him.

"No-" It hurt so much. His throat, his eyes, his fucking heart, it felt like he was going to die, like everything was fuckin' slipping away. He looked down at Scarlett and saw only a blur, his eyes coated by a curtain of tears. He hadn't even noticed he started crying.

He blinked, and when he opened his eyes again he was already on his knees. There was red leaking from her back. Everywhere on the ground. So much red, more than he ever saw before, so much he felt like he was drowning in it.

He looked at Scarlett's face. Her expression, her eyes, it just hurt; he had to help her, but fucking how, how was he supposed to -

"No, no, no, this isn't - hey, Scarls, hey!" His voice broke. "Listen to me, you can't-"

Aiden bit down on his lip, he was shakin' everywhere, head felt like it was spinning, like he was about to pass out - but he had to do something, stay focused, try and help Scarls, he had to help her, he had to help, he couldn't let her - Couldn't let her fucking die.

He reached out again, his hand shakin' so much he couldn't even describe it - he was so scared, scared she was going to just fall apart the second he touched her. He hesitated. One second, another, tears were running down his cheeks now.

"Please don't die, please!"

He took hold of her shoulder with one hand, his other hand reaching around her waist. He tried to pull her up. But there was just - so much sticky, red - so much blood.
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Rorick Skyve
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He got a hold of her. Even though he winced at the stickiness of ...- he didn't let go, he couldn't, he had her in his arms now, he wasn't gonna let her go.

He promised. He couldn't let her go, no way. He had to - just had to hold her and maybe - maybe it was gonna be fine, just like this.

She looked so weak though. So goddamn vulnerable. Like she'd just - shatter or something.

"C'mon..." Did he even say it out loud? He couldn't tell, he thought he had moved his lips but didn't know if anything had come out. He felt like...-

Scarlett smiled. Kinda. Oh god, why, why, how could she smile like that? Looked so strange just - he remembered that smile from times when it had just been a smile, nothing else. He hadn't seen her smile much, really. But this time, he didn't even know, like.

He just wanted to protect her.

She said she was scared and Aiden felt like his face was going to melt or - it was too much, too fucking much.

He had bit down his lip until now, tried to distract himself with the pain, but there was just no way now - he had to close his eyes for a second, try and force the tears back in, but they just didn't stop, didn't stop, he couldn't keep them in.

He tried to speak again, tell her not to be afraid, that it was all going to be fine, but he only managed the same whimper as before. His jaw was hanging open. He could taste salt in his own mouth. His cheeks felt so dry and damp and-

Worth it - worth it to save...him? No, nonono, that couldn't be, she couldn't have died because of him, that wasn't how it was supposed to work, just fucking wasn't. Why, why why why fucking why?

Liked him.

She had liked him. God.

He had to clench his teeth now to not bite his own tongue. Like - he liked her too, of course he did, how couldn't he have?

She was Scarls, sweet old Scarley Scarls. She never did anything to hurt anyone. She deserved to be liked, to be loved. But her - how had she meant it? How'd she like him? Why was that so important to him now? He could barely even breathe, but somehow, that question was - he had to try and say something, he had to.

"Hey, hey Scarls?"

Scarlett's eyes were closed. Why were they still closed?


No. No way, no fucking way. This wasn't real. This wasn't happening. This couldn't be it, just like that.

"Hey, hey, hey, up here, listen!"

He shook her a bit. A few loose strands fell into her face. Her eyes were still-

"C'mon, please, wake up, wake up damnit!"

Speaking hurt. His voice was hoarse, like all water, all life had left his body. He felt dizzy, he felt sick, he felt like nothing and everything and once and, shit!

He tried sweeping her hair back with one hand, so she could see again - her eyes were still closed. Her hair didn't stay in place. Her strands fell back in front of her face again.

"Scarls?" No answer. Not even movement. "Please don't do this, c'mon, I can't -!"

He swallowed. He was surprised he still had water in him. "I don't want you to go. C'mon."

His voice grew weaker. He didn't know what else to say. His mind drew a blank. His thoughts were all over the place for a second, just racing around his head looking for something, anything that could make a difference.

"Hey Scarls? Look I - I'm scared. I need you here, okay, don't go. I - I need a puzzle, Scarls. You know where to find one, right? Please just - can you get me one? Please get up."

He didn't even know. He had no idea if he had expected it to work. Sometimes you had to try something crazy. When nothing else made sense like this, when everything was just -

Gone like this.

Scarlett didn't respond.

Aiden couldn't take it anymore, his body gave out and he leaned forward to bury his face on her shoulder. He had no more tears to cry, no more words, no more whimpers, fucking nothing.

She was just dead.

((Aiden Slattery continued in Little Boy Blue))
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