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V6 Rolling List
Topic Started: Sep 13 2016, 08:02 PM (1,562 Views)
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Now you may be wondering, who was wearing the bolo tie? Me or the shark? Answer: YES!
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  1. Serena Waters (Seth Crimson)
  2. Lily Caldwell (Violent Medic)
  3. Min-jae Parker (backslash)
  4. Jeremiah Fury (MK Kilmarnock)
  5. Matthew Moradi (Privyet)
  6. Jaime Schanbacher (decoy73)
  7. Eliza Luz (Grim Wolf)
  8. Arthur Bernstein (CrossbowPig)
  9. Keith Bauer (bacon)
  10. Kimiko Kao (Deamon)
  11. Raina Rose (backslash)
  12. Vanessa Stone (Slam)
  13. Asuka Takahara (Zetsumodernista)
  14. Lili Williams (CrossbowPig)
  15. Cass Prince (dmboogie)
  16. Michael Crowe (ToxieTheToxicAvenger)
  17. Hannah Kendrickstone (bacon)
  18. Noah Whitley (Laurels)
  19. Penelope Fitzgerald (VoltTurtle)
  20. Hazel Jung (SansaSaver)
  21. Benjamin Lichter (Malloon)
  22. Rene Wolfe (Aura)
  23. Bryony Adams (Pippin)
  24. Darius Van Dyke (RC)
  25. Natalie Winters (PlatFleece)
  26. Caedyn Miller (Empress Plush)
  27. Bart Cappotelli (Aura)
  28. Travis Lynch (Deamon)
  29. Jasmine Reed (Ciel)
  30. Kiziah Saraki (General Goose)
  31. Alex Tarquin (Grim Wolf)
  32. William McKinley (Seth Crimson)
  33. Dorothy Shelley (Lore)
  34. Maxim Kehlenbrink (Rorick Skyve)
  35. Fiyori Senay (Bikriki)
  36. Jeremy Frasier (Yugikun)
  37. Blair Moore (Espi)
  38. Taranis "Tara" Behzad (Grim Wolf)
  39. Ben Fields (Cicada Days)
  40. Tyler Yazzie (Empress Plush)
  41. Jonathan Gulley (ToxieTheToxicAvenger)
  42. Alice Baker (Espi)
  43. Astrid Tate (Pippin)
  44. Lucilly Peterson (Bikriki)
  45. Johnny McKay (Frogue)
  46. Kaitlyn Greene (D/N)
  47. Scout Pfeiffer (Ciel)
  48. Isabel Ramirez (VoltTurtle)
  49. Alvaro Vacanti (Yugikun)
  50. Alessio Rigano (RC)
  51. Nadia Riva (Laurels)
  52. Candice Banks (Somersault)
  53. Lee Day (Frogue)
  54. Junko Kurosawa (KamiKaze)
  55. Maria Cucinotta (Primrosette)
  56. Coleen Reagan (MK Kilmarnock)
  57. Sandra Dyer (CondorTalon)
  58. Nate Turner (Slamexo)
  59. Vincenzo/a Gatti (Namira)
  60. Alba Reyes (Laurels)
  61. Brendan Harte (Primrosette)
  62. Nancy Kyle (CondorTalon)
  63. Jordan Green (Randomness)
  64. Aiden Slattery (Rorick Skyve)
  65. Asha Sur (dmboogie)
  66. Emma Luz (KamiKaze)
  67. Olivia Fischer (Maraoone)
  68. Wade Cartwright (shotgunkid)
  69. Clarice Halwood (Violent Medic)
  70. Audrey Reyes (kervin555)
  71. Alan Banks (Zetsumodernista)
  72. Irene Djezari (Empress Plush)
  73. Amanda Tan (Randomness)
  74. Melanie Beckett (Iceblock)
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