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Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Fallout Thread; And the winner of Survivor: Second Chances is...
Topic Started: Sep 10 2016, 08:52 PM (352 Views)
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maybe if you're lucky the random avatar will sync up to the character you're reading right now
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Well, that’s it, I guess. Here are the important things.

Lore - Keith Nale

Frogue - Ciera Eastin

Rorick - Kelley Wentworth

backslash - Abi-Maria Gomes

dmboogie - Stephen Fishbach

MurderWeasel - Jeremy Collins

Bikriki - Andrew Savage

Toxie - Joe Anglim

decoy73 - Spencer Bledsoe

Primrosette - Jeff Varner

Everyone Else

And, as a little bonus…

Vyse, had this been a 20 player game as I initially intended.

Mafia Chat
Mason Chat

i just want to create mafias that are good and active at the same time guys :(
In a V7 near you!
Coming to a V7 near you!
The Past

Hi! I have a blog! Please check it out and follow and stuff!

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