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Survivor: Cambodia Mafia Fallout Thread; And the winner of Survivor: Second Chances is...
Topic Started: Sep 10 2016, 08:52 PM (350 Views)
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I had lots of fun! Tragically, version starts often kill games off. I've not run all the balance thoughts yet, but there was a nice mix of unusual stuff in play and nothing seemed too crazy at a glance. I had fun with my role, and had a nice time with Frogue even though my only recruit was trying to backstab me.

Vyse, the plan there was (if I'm remembering right--it's been a bit) to basically partial-claim, trot out a bunch of logic on why I can't be scum, then demand a fullclaim in return. Any hesitation would result in my explaining my other recruit and a partially-accurate overview of their powers (of note: this was before I'd fully figured Frogue out). Basically, I had "I'm a Mason Recruiter with undisclosed immunities and a cop in my back pocket, claim now," as my plan and was then gonna take whatever claim came and figure out based on other evidence/play if it was true or not. It's a bit more complicated, and got jettisoned basically as soon as you started in on Backslash because that let me see where you stood pretty easily in itself.
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