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凸( •̀_•́ )凸; 69 reasons why SOTF sucks
Topic Started: Sep 8 2016, 02:07 PM (183 Views)
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((Darius Van Dyke continued from 96+ Quite Bitter Beings))

This place was a mess. It fit to him. It was still better than that fucking creepy building he woke up in. That building. Never in that building again.

That was the reason why he did not backtrack, but walked to this new location instead. It was a long way, but a long way away from Junko. She was dangerous as fuck. And now she has his weapon. And Darius? Darius had nothing. Absolutely nothing.

His body still hurt, but he assumes blood crust is already being made for his bleeding nose and scar across his cheek. He was extremely sweaty and drank from his water bottle.

Actually, this was a cool scenario. It would be fitting for a video game. Actually, this situation would have been fine to Darius. If it was a surprise by the teachers. If it were fake weapons. If it was a game, but with no deaths. With no real guns. Just a game.

But it's not.

It was a game, created by terrorists. A death game. Led by a man. Danya.



This game was worse than League of Legends.

Darius looked at the cam. Danya.

“Danya. DANYA.”

Darius began to shout.


Maybe, he should talk quieter into the cam. His screaming could attract dangerous students and maybe the mic overmodulates, which would make it harder for the terrorists to understand what he ranted about, which would defeat the purpose.

“So many rights and laws...it isn’t funny anymore.”

Fuck it, that bastard doesn’t deserve any calm talking. Darius began to shout again.

“You fucker will get captured by the UN and they will get your fucking ass to the Hague! AND THEN YOU GET HANGED LIKE SADDAM! You are an international criminal. A terrorist. Do you even realise that?!”

Darius thought for some seconds about what else to add.

“Think about, what you will have to face eventually. You get hung, maybe shot, maybe decapicated or electrocuted. Maybe even poisoned...even though I doubt poison would harm you, cuz you have no heart that pumps blood...But the point is: The more you pull this shit off, the more likely it is that you’ll eventually be found. Think about that fact.”

Darius doubted that he’d be alive when that happened, though. Perhaps his collar would detonate anytime. Prophecying the death of the person who could kill you with a button is not a pleasant thought. Switch to something different.

“Oh, Danya. What a great idea you had! Abducting a shit hole like Kingman is surely gonna be shocking for the US. This will be sooo effective.”

What he talked was bullshit, Darius realised. Yes, they would care. No matter how low the number of deaths is, people will pity. America will be moved. Heck, the world.

Fuck this. He did not want to do this anymore. He was talking to himself. Pointless, waste of energy he did not have, because everyfuckingthing hurt and Junko was a huge bitch. This had no point.

All of this was fucking surreal. Darius closed his eyes, clapped his heels. And said theres no place like home three times. Nothing of that worked. Fuck, eh? Who expected that? Again. This was real. This was the real deal. This was the real deal fucking fucking him.

He felt...it was hard to find a word how he felt. He strolled away.

((Darius Van Dyke continued in Room of Relaxation))
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