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TV Tropes Page Needs YOUR Help!; Aka pls help Zarina and co. to make it great.
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Also something to consider is that the various book covers for the Battle Royale novel tend to have covers where it's more about the kind of characters in the story and not specific characters. Even if you can sort of tell the characters on the cover are supposed to be people like Shuya, Noriko, or Mitsuko, it's more that they're young people who are armed and in a dangerous situation.

We could do something similar for the pages where it's a generic male and female who are armed or in combat. It can be something similar to but still different enough from the book covers. We could also use some of the common imagery from these games (such as cameras, collars, islands, and weapons) for the image.

I've posted some of the example covers from a Google search in the spoilers.

Example covers
V6 Cast

V5 Cast

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