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Go to a school trip they said, it will be fun they said; Private, apologies
Topic Started: Aug 29 2016, 07:15 AM (1,173 Views)
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((This is a Al post written by RC and sent to me via Skype, which I am posting in his stead with permission.))

A voice. The flow of solving the cube was interrupted. Al had no clue anymore how to solve it, all solutions were completely swiped off his mind. All he could focus on was the voice coming from the outside. Perhaps the last voice he would hear. He put his cube into his pocket and then slowly his brain recognised the voice and the meaning behind it.

But he did not reply.

Mia. A great person too. Also destined to die here. He could trust her, he could have said 'yes, I am Al and I'm here'. But he did not dare to say anything. He looked at Serena, hoping she knew what to do, how to respond. She stood up, and her face did not show signs of smiling and happily letting Mia in to drink a tea at the lounge.

He knew that she would not trust Mia. Not because she would dislike Mia, no, Mia is a wonderful person that can not be disliked. No, she would not trust her, because of what she had said earlier. Preparation. Be prepared to meet people, like Mia. Al could trust her, but it would also make sense not to.

That probably is what Serena would do. But Al himself? He liked Mia. It would be unfair to not trust her just to be prepared. It was not fair to not be able to be trusted. Everybody here was in the same situation.

Besides, Al knew Mia well. She was a kind person. One thing he associated with her was Pepper.

Pepper. Casey. Michelle. Julius.

His cats. Her cats. Meow. He misses them already.
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