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Accept Our Ring and Join Our Fight; G045 START
Topic Started: Aug 26 2016, 10:16 PM (231 Views)
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[G045: Bernadette “Bernie” Thomas: Game Start]
Bernadette sat in silence long after the echoes of the depot’s shutter doors closing had faded away, staring up at the nearest camera with burning intensity. The AK-47 lay at her feet with its strap half-wrapped around her left ankle, the first aid kit open to the left of her with an open bottle of water.

Breathe in, out. In, out.

The fingers were clasped firmly around the ring and its chain so tightly that it was going to leave a little string of circular indentations. It would not be the first time. God she hoped it was not going to be the last either.

Only when she was sure she was alone in the depot did she speak, gathering up the first aid kit and putting it away as she did so. “Mum, dad. I love you. Don’t let grandma and grandpop watch any of this. Don’t let anyone talk to them about it.”

It felt like it was about time to see if she could stand. Moving would be the next challenge. Baby steps, deep breaths. The anger would help, but it would also make life fucking shit at times.

This time she could not risk anyone coming across her so vulnerable. Here it was weakness. Here…

She hoped that outside was at least beautiful.
[Bernadette “Bernie” Thomas continued elsewhere]
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