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Benjamin Lichter's social circles; Need friends. Will otherwise have to invent them.
Topic Started: Aug 19 2016, 12:31 PM (212 Views)
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I bet that Lili would probably drop in with the oddball group every once or twice, maybe just making casual conversation in the park while she flew her kite. Heck, the both of them like to fly kites, so maybe there would be a few occasions where they flew kites together? Overall I can see the two being on pretty good terms with each other in general, so long as the whole pop music thing doesn't come up often, Lili's got a bit of a pretentious side.

I'm not too sure that Arthur would have much interaction with Ben apart from being in the same grade as him, and overall I don't think that they'd really fit into the same social circles. The two would probably be on more neutral terms, with Arthur taking a slight dislike to Ben if anything.

I'm glad that Squirrel got into V6, and I look forward to seeing him on the island!
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