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V6 Island Tracker
Topic Started: Aug 18 2016, 04:29 AM (2,268 Views)
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So I thought it'd be a good idea to bring back Persy's Island Tracker. Now you guys might have a good overview on all open areas.

Open Areas = No ongoing threads in them. You can post a new thread.
Closed = Ongoing threads. But I'll add how many people are in them (in parenthesis) and whether they're private or not. If I don't state that they're private, they probably are open. Closed does not mean that you're not allowed to join in and you're not discouraged to join it. It just means you're not allowed to start a new thread there that isn't a oneshot.
Closed (1) threads are also highlighted as they are new, fresh threads.
Dangerzone = Self-explaining

Lobotomy Lab: DZ
Electroshock Therapy: DZ
Water Treatment: DZ

Group Therapy: Open
One-on-One Therapy: Open
Art Therapy: Open

The Wards
Regular Wards: Open
Intensive Care Wards: Closed (3)
Solitary Confinement: Open

Social Areas
Cafeteria: Closed (4)
Asylum Library: Open

Peaceful Meadows Crematorium
Chapel: Open
Gardens: Closed (3)

Staff Area
Doc Office: Closed (3)
Staff Lounge: Open
Storage Closet: Closed (4)

Asylum Exterior
Bell Tower: Closed (1)
Rooftop: Open
Cove: Open
Northwest Cliffs: Closed (1)

Supply Depot
Docks: Open
Storehouse: Open
Helipad: Open
Shoreline: Open

Staff Housing Block
Hunting Cabin: Closed (2)
A Block: Closed (3)
B Block: Closed (2)
Connecting Bridge: Open

Warehouse: Open
Radio Tower: Open
Vehicle Depot: Closed (3)
Slopes: Closed (2)

Staff Social Areas
Library: Closed (2)
Pub: Open
Gym: Open

Last Update: Under this post, the 'last edited' thing. Don't wanna manually update this every time xD

I'll try to update it whenever I can, so you have an easier time.
Edited by TwelveFourtyFive, May 15 2017, 01:26 PM.
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I have caught up on everything and this thingy is up to date again.
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I was busy with work, so I did not update it for like a week.

Now it's up to date again >.>
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Hey, you thought four colours are complex enough? I'll introduce the fifth colour - blue for threads on past days

Just kidding.

But I'll still add a "- Day 1" to a thread if it takes place on a past day. Because continuinity is important for me personally. If the thread is on day 2 I won't add anything.
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In the future I'll leave out the numbers in parathensis, because it's kinda more work than it's worth, because no one checks this to go 'oh, this thread has fewer people in them, I'll join it'. Exception are the threads with just 1 peron in it.
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bumping this after returning from away
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