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G061 - Kendrickstone, Hannah[/DECEASED]; Dannyrulx's character
Topic Started: Aug 17 2016, 12:43 PM (179 Views)
MK Kilmarnock
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Name: Hannah Kendrickstone
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Grade: Senior
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Drama, especially Shakespeare, literature and reading in general, yoga, the furry fandom.

Appearance: Standing at 5'6", and weighing 120lbs, Hannah is, whilst short, in the 'healthy' bracket of the BMI index. She has wavy, blonde hair that reaches down to slightly below the neck, which she recently put forest green streaks in. Whilst normally she leaves her hair wild, it is not unknown for her to be seen with a loose bun instead. She has steely grey eyes and a face that is fairly androgynous; whilst she by no means looks typically feminine, her plucked eyebrows, long hair and smooth Caucasian skin does prevent her from leaning too far towards the masculine side. Whilst her upper half is quite skinny and she is noticeably less endowed than expected, most of the fat she does have accumulates in the lower half of her body, giving her an slightly pear shaped profile. Although it is rarely seen, Hannah has a small belly button piercing made of steel and green glass, as well as piercings in both of her ears.

Hannah's favourite colour is pale green, and this is represented in her clothing; she owns many green shirts and dresses, as well as a small collection of green emerald jewellery, as well as plenty of normal-coloured jeans and other accessories. On the day of the kidnapping she was wearing a long-sleeved green t-shirt with the words 'Don't Stop Me Now,' printed onto the chest. She was also wearing a pair of stonewashed jeans and a battered set of black converse, along with a white baseball cap and a navy blue hoodie, minus the hood. As well as this she was wearing a light grey linen scarf that she normally wears similar to a bandanna, namely wrapped around her lower face.

Biography: Born on New Year's Eve 1998 to Robert and Julia Kendrickstone, Hannah was born amidst the noise and bustle of Las Vegas. Her father, Robert, was a manager in one of the many casinos in the city, and her mother occasionally performed as a stand-up comedian, mostly relying on Robert to earn the family's keep. Up until her second birthday, she grew up in a Las Vegas apartment building, but when she started to walk, her parents decided to take her to a safer, more quiet location where her childhood wouldn't be filled with neon lights and roulette wheels. Settling on Kingsman, the couple snapped up a home and Julia moved in, with Robert only coming home on weekends to avoid the long commute to work that he would otherwise have to take.

Her childhood, whilst not as luxurious as others, was comfortable, and she had plenty of affection from both her mother and her father whenever he was home. Her father earned enough money to comfortably place the family as middle class, and the family could afford the occasional holiday as well as many common luxuries. It was always noted that she was a rather active child, almost never sitting still and finding it difficult to concentrate on tasks for long. Whilst her parents first dismissed it as her simply a particularly bouncy child, she would later be diagnosed with hyperactive/impulsive ADHD.

From almost as soon as she could read, Hannah was incredibly interested in the written word, and by age four was already reading books that were used as teaching materials for kids a year senior By age six and a half, she had managed to read the Hobbit. Not only was reading something she was good at, but her love for the subject also allowed her to concentrate on novels where she otherwise might've failed and switched to something else. This fascination of literature and her love of it's ability to transport her across entire worlds and back has stayed with her, not only in a voracious appetite for everything fiction but also a great love of the English subject.

Although her love of English would not tie into her dramatic life for many years, her early schooldays were also full of many different productions, and she often ended up starring in lead roles, especially in non-musical productions, which she greatly preferred over their song-and-dance brethren. Although at the time she didn't know it, this would eventually lead to her fascination with Shakespeare and the dramatic world altogether. This love of theatre, at its roots, stems from a similar place that her love of reading does. Unlike reading however, theatre not only allows her to be transported across worlds, but live in them, even if only for an hour or two.

It was at age seven that she was formally diagnosed with ADHD, following a string of minor behavioural issues, along with complaints about her lack of focus in classes. Whilst her parents were only slightly surprised, as they had suspected that her non-stop activity was not, in fact, due to any outside factor that they were aware of, and there was a hidden cause to it, although they had been hoping to the contrary. Despite some initial concerns regarding putting their child on medication, eventually Hannah began to take regular doses of methylphenidate to curtail her hyperactivity. Although successful at preventing the hyperactivity, it gave her severe sleeping problems and anxiety, and her parents eventually decided to let her go unmedicated. Her parents, already having been nervous at medicating their child in the first place, rejected the idea of medicating her further and decided to allow her to develop naturally, despite the potential consequences.

It was also at this age that Robert and Julia decided to have another child, and in September of 2005 Hannah found herself with a baby brother named Marcus. Although slightly annoyed by the splitting of attention, Hannah nonetheless adored her younger brother, and would often play with him at whatever opportunity she could have. Her near-unlimited energy rubbed off onto Markus, and although he does not suffer from the same condition as his older sister, he is a very active and sporty addition to the family.

Wanting to find an alternate method of helping sooth and calm her daughter that didn't come with the unfortunate side effects that methylphenidate had, and wary of the effects other drugs might have, her mother began to take yoga lessons, and would bring along Hannah as well. Whilst she wasn't the most flexible of people, and initially she struggled to restrict herself to the slow pacing, yoga's relaxing atmosphere and laid-back approach to exercise has helped to calm her, especially with regards to deep breathing techniques. Combined with helping her flexibility, yoga is a sport that meshes very well with Hannah, and she continues to do it with great enthusiasm.

Whilst yoga is a sport that she throws herself into, Hannah has never been big into sports, simply finding them unappealing and avoiding then whenever she can. Because of this, she has less muscle than the vast majority of her peers, and what muslce she does have is largely concentrated around her calves, thighs and core, with a smattering in her pecs and biceps. Hannah is fully aware of this, and tries to avoid any situation in which her lack of strength can be used against her, especially fights.

High school was a time of change in Hannah's life. Whilst she had never found boys attractive, even with the normal attitude that most younger children have towards the opposite gender, it was in high school that she finally discovered the LGBT community, and with it the ability to properly identify as lesbian. Although initially she was very confused and scared, after joining an online forum for teens specifically about discussing LGBT issues, she became more and more accepting of her own sexuality, and embraces it both privately and publicly, having come out at fourteen to her parents and friends. Whilst initially her parents were slightly concerned that she might be misidentifying a phase, after she demonstrated an understanding about the LGBT community at large and persisted in her beliefs, they understood she was serious and were very supportive of her, along with the majority of her friends.

As well as the LGBT community, Hannah was also exposed to the furry community in high school. Whilst initially somewhat confused about it, after some research and the joining of multiple online communities, she found the fanbase to be slightly odd, yet also welcoming, friendly, and downright appealing to her for a reason she could never quite pin down. Eventually she would end up making two fursonas for herself; one being a chipmunk, which she uses to represent her hyperactive side, and the other a sheep, for her calmer side. Although she is largely private regarding her love for the fandom, she has discreetly tried to find and befriend other furries within Cochise.

Hannah's near hero-worship of Shakespeare originates from when her theatre group decided to perform Macbeth. The story seemed interesting to her, and although she had heard lots about 'The Bard,' she had encountered very little of his work. After Macbeth, she decided to read more of his works, and became hooked. She loved how he could effortlessly make both incredibly funny comedy, many jokes of which we can still laugh at today, and then make a tragedy like Macbeth. The different writing also appealed to her, and it became common practise for her to buy non-translated versions of his work and read them before the translated versions, seeing how much she could understand of his raw work.

Socially, Hannah has never wanted for friends. She tries to remain as upbeat and as positive as possible, and tried to make the most out of anything life throws at her. This attitude has served her well in making friends, and there are very few people she hasn't had at least a conversation with. Strangely, when it comes to any one of her myriad crushes, she is incredibly shy and nervous, much more so than one would expect from a person of her temperance, and has never had anyone be more than a friend to her.

Academically, Hannah performs reasonably well for one with her disability. Despite trouble concentrating, especially in subjects that she personally dislikes, and a number of behavioural issues younger in life, Hannah's excelling in English and areas of work where she isn't as reliant on raw facts, her biggest weakness academically, allows her to stay at a steady A/B. Unfortunately for her however, she struggles with subjects such as maths and the sciences, with these subjects eating into her time near-constantly. Despite her best efforts, Hannah has never been able to break above a B in these subjects, although not for lack of trying.

Hannah is also an avid actor, and a very good one at that, having performed in a vast number of different plays ranging from childish plays such as 'The Cat in the Hat,' to classic Shakespearean plays and plenty in between. Unsurprisingly, this is also one of her best subjects, her grade having never dropped below an A.

When looking to her future, Hannah has always wanted to peruse a career featuring theatre. Ideally, she would like to take a bachelor's degree in fine arts, potentially at UVNV, although she knows that the amount of studying needed would potentially be too much for her, and has held off making a decision until the absolute last moment, murch to the annoyance of her parents.

Advantages: Hannah is a very good actor, capable of faking various different characters and mental states with very little prep time, a potentially useful way of manipulating a situation to her advantage. She is also fairly well liked, and her naturally energetic and upbeat personality should serve her well in making friends and allies. Her ADHD also seems to provide her with nearly boundless energy, a sure asset on the island.
Disadvantages: On the other hand, due to her ADHD, Hannah can find it difficult to focus on tasks for long, especially if said task does not grab her interest immediately. She is also quite physically weak, and utterly unused to violence of any kind, having avoided fights whenever she's seen them.

Designated Number: Female student no. 061


Designated Weapon: Houndstooth fabric wrapped around a 2x4
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