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She Swallowed Burning Coals
Topic Started: Aug 13 2016, 05:46 PM (650 Views)
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Was he up for this? He could say no, lay down, stay here forever until he died. But that would be the wrong option, wouldn't it? He'd be alone, all by himself. He instead chose to follow Serena out of the room, taking the bag and pole with him, making sure that he did not forget anything.


She asked him where they were and Al was sure to know the answer. "This is the library, I'm certain," he mumbled.

Al appreciated that Serena had a plan, although it seemed like an odd one. Having a key to open stuff on the island? He wondered how that would be helpful. Perhaps she gets a more dangerous weapon, like...guns. Or a car. But the only way this would be helpful for Al and Serena would be, if the key could deactive the collars around their neck.

"Do you..."

He wasn't sure if he should ask it.

"Does the coll- uhm key dea- uh, does the key seem, uh, to be able to fit into...deactivate the collar?"

That was a dumb question. He knew the answer. It was going to be a no. But hoping that it was the key to their freedom might give them hope. If that was the case, Al would hug Serena and be happy to be free, live his life happily, would appreciate living. But maybe he'll just be disappointed. Maybe there was no hope.
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Serena wouldn't have to worry now about leaving Al behind, he walked out of the room after her. She was glad he had managed to get himself out of his funk, the thought of him lying there having given up on everything wasn't the way his family would want to see him. It was the least she could do, give him some hope.

It was then he decided to ask her if the key would unlock the collars. Serena couldn't help but stare at him for a bit. It was one of those questions that made you stop and just wonder how the other person thought that wasn't obvious. She shook her head at this and said:

"No, it doesn't."

It came out somewhat roughly, it was clear Al was desperate, the collars around their necks were constant reminder of where they were and what was at stake, but there was no way the terrorists were that dumb. At this point she started briskly walking down the hallway, map in hand and hoping the way to the depot was short.

"Come on Al, let's go."

((Serena Waters continued in Go to a school trip they said, it will be fun they said))

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There was no hope. There was no key to freedom. The terrorists did not give them a key to free themselves, as the solution of this horrible puzzle that would have been designed by Jigsaw. There was no solution of the puzzle. Die or die.

So he followed Serena, hoping she knew where they would be safe.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Go to a school trip they said, it will be fun they said))
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