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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH; (My sister chose the name thx)(open)
Topic Started: Aug 13 2016, 05:13 PM (2,284 Views)
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Tormento Pabulum
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Rea screamed as she dived out of the way of the machete thrown at her.

((Rea Adams, continued from Waking Up in Strange Places is not so unusual for some))

Her mind burst into a panic as she pressed herself against a wall. Someone was actively trying to kill her now, for the first time in the game. The horror was crippling, the sheer thought of being stabbed, beaten, or gunned down like an animal was enough to make her lose all reason and cower behind a pile of boxes. And she had no idea where Will was. The only person who could keep her alive, and she couldn't even see him.

Coming in here was a mistake. Her words echoed in her head.

"Hey, Will, hold up a sec. Maybe we could find something useful in there, like a weapon or something."

This was entirely her fault. She was such an idiot.

And the whole reason why she was about to die.

That boy was gaining on her, striding forward with a blank look in his eyes. Getting closer to the machete on the ground. She tried to run, but the terror she felt at that moment was causing her to freeze in panic. Finally, just as he bent down to pick it up, she forced herself to at least try to escape from him, to flee to the safety of Will. She began to turn away from him to run, but her legs refused to move, leaving her paralyzed with her back exposed to a psycho with a very large knife.
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I'm still here, just lurking though for the most part.
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Tormento Pabulum
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A searing pain sliced through her back, thudding to a halt when metal hit bone. She collapsed, falling forward in defeat, carelessly slumped on the ground. She fell on her side, arms strewn about her. She curled up in the pain, clutching her hands to her chest. Tears began to stream down her face.

Dead so early, and so unceremoniously. Put down like livestock. Such an undignified death, a waste of life that had such a promising future. She thought of her parents. And her friends. And all the people she would never be able to see again. All because of some kid in a warehouse with a sharpened piece of metal.

Will was standing there, a look of twisted rage on his face, arm stretched out in front of him holding a smoking revolver.

"Will..." She was cut off by a fit of coughing. She tried speaking again.

But before she could even get off a syllable, another fit of coughing. So she simply tried stretching her arm out towards him. It was all she could do at this point. Desperately grasp at the one thing in the world she knew she could count on.

She knew that she had let him down. He could survive this. He was strong, fit, skilled with guns, and had a background in hunting.

But that would all go to waste if he was an emotional wreck. Seeing her like this, lying in a rapidly widening pool of blood, tossed on the ground like discarded rubbish couldn't be good for him. Losing someone so dear to him, it would be a pain even worse than the one she felt in her back. He'd seen through her rough exterior to find someone he cared about, taken her virginity, spent so much time with her, and now he was going to lose her.

The edges of her vision were beginning to darken. She knew that she didn't have much time left. And yet somehow, despite the storm of turmoil around her, she was at peace. The pain in her back was beginning to numb, and the thought that she would never have to kill someone gave her a small respite.

As she looked at Will, and as her last breath left her body, she smiled.

A faint light in her eyes died.

And she was gone.

Rea Adams: Deceased
I'm still here, just lurking though for the most part.
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