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Something tells me this isn't Arizona anymore
Topic Started: Aug 13 2016, 04:46 PM (194 Views)
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((Boy 023, Darius Van Dyke, Start))

Oh fuck, oh fuck. It happened. A scenario happened. Welcome to hell. Darius woke up, was shuddering with fear and eyed his surroundings. He quickly realised that he was in a bad position. He should go, go away. This is a bad location. A room. A room where people can come in, slaughtering him. A creepy room shitty horror movies Michael watched would have featured, where people can come in. Darius went out of it. A hall, he went with his bag. He turned his back. Was there someone?



He had to be smart, he had to be flexible. But he should get the fuck out of here, in a more secure location. He should run. He should not get killed so quickly.

"Fuck my life."

Hurry, Darius. He grabbed his bag and ran away from this creepy ass location.

((Darius Van Dyke, continued in 96+ Quite Bitter Beings))
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