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A Salad of Anger
Topic Started: Aug 9 2016, 06:51 PM (251 Views)
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“You’re smart not to eat them, you know.”

Tessa’s comment was addressed to her friend, but she gave a little wave to Colleen and Trav as she approached.

“Any Californian produce, really. None of the water out there’s natural, you know. They don’t get any rainfall or anything, so all of their water’s manufactured, and it’s all laced with all this stuff that makes you extra docile, extra compliant, that sort of thing. It’s what makes Californians… y’know, how they are.”

She dropped her bag on the ground, then sat down next to it, and began to fish around inside.

“Then all that water goes into the olives, into the almonds, into the grapes. All of it’s terrible for you. Your body knows, though, and so it tells you how bad it is for you by making them taste awful. It’s like how pregnant women crave bananas because they’re short on potassium. The body knows, Asty.”

Tessa’s hands found what they were looking for, and she pulled out a ham, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwich, wrapped in crinkled tinfoil.

“Here, go halves with me instead. Save me from myself!”

She opened the sandwich up and held it towards her friends face.

“Smell that all-American goodness, Asty! The body knows what it waaants” she sang, then pulled the sandwich back and took a hearty bite.

It was delicious, as she’d known it would be.

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