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Growing Flowers in the Desert; GLD and Cristo; a few days before New Year's
Topic Started: Aug 9 2016, 05:00 PM (140 Views)
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[Georgia Lee Day continued from Yes, Virginia]

Georgia Lee slowed, then came to a stop next to where Cristo stood.

Her phone sat on her lap, as she’d expected to have to text him to let her know that she was outside. The fact that she didn’t brought a smile to her face, as punctuality was a virtue she much admired.

His breath was misting in the air, and he gave her a wave as she pulled up. Georgia Lee waved back, then leant across to unlock the door so that he could get in.

Cristo was wearing a navy sweater, and Georgia Lee thought it matched her own navy blue sweater dress rather nicely. This wasn’t a date, of course; they were only attending this event together in the most literal sense, and even then only out of necessity on Cristo’s part, and charity on her own. Still, Georgia Lee couldn’t help but note what a fetching couple they would have made.

He was handsome, after a latin sort of fashion, and outside of his usual be-logoed t-shirts, he looked rather grownup. He had these wide, almost womanly eyes, that to Georgia Lee seemed almost unfathomably sad. She wondered what he was thinking – he was sitting very still, but Georgia Lee didn’t know whether that was calm or nervousness.

Georgia Lee had turned her CD player down when she’d pulled up to pick up Cristo, but it wasn’t completely silent, and Hoppipolla played faintly.

Cristo and her had been vaguely proximate since they were freshman. Like her, he’d been an athlete since his first year at Cochise, and the athletics department were forever putting on these sorts of events. They’d had more than a few classes together on top of that, over the years, but Georgia Lee realised this may well have been the first time that they’d actually been alone together.

Sure, they got on well enough, but Georgia Lee could say that about most of the people in the baseball team. She was down at the batting cages all the time, they were down there all the time, it was natural that they’d know each other. It wasn’t like it meant anything.

If anything Cristo was probably one of the baseballers that she’d spoken to the least. Now that she thought about it though, she supposed he didn’t really talk to anyone much. Georgia Lee didn’t think she’d ever seen Cristo really deep in conversation. He had a certain air of contemplation about him, like he really considered every word that he said, and she thought he might be something of a loner on top of that.

Georgia Lee respected that.

She became uncomfortably aware that her hands were sweating, and she wiped them, one after the other, on her leggings. Her eyes flicked over to Cristo, who didn’t appear to have noticed. The song faded, and in the silence between it and the next one her breath sounded deafening. She needed to say something, anything to break the silence.

“So you’re… looking forward to this, then?”

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