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Take me to church; Fun fact: Kingsman has 10 churches IRL . This is but one of them.
Topic Started: Aug 5 2016, 11:05 PM (103 Views)
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((Will McKinley continued from What the hell is a baseball))

For a a town which barley qualified for a Target store, Kingsman had a huge amount of churches. He'd counted ten, two of which were Mormon ones, which meant that you'd get white shirts knocking on the door constantly. It had taken two weeks of talking and pleading by both him, his aunt and her highly devout Catholic maid for them to stop bugging them, and he genuinely didn't like the way they tried to force their specific brand of Christianity down everyone else's throats, especially when said throat had a crucifix around it.

Will pushed open the door of Christ's Chapel Anglican Church. It wasn't that he had any preference to the Chapel over any other one of the Anglican churches, it was simply the closest to his house, and when his face and biceps were stinging from wooden shards, the less he had to go in public the better.

As it always was, the church was whisper-quiet. Occasionally the organ would make a slight hissing noise as it was being tuned, but otherwise the wooden floors let off only the echo of his boots against them, the rhythmic tapping stoping as he slid into a pew nearing the front.

As it was a weekday, and a weekday afternoon at that, there was only two other worshippers in the entire building; an elderly couple sitting right at the back and whispering to eat other inbetween prayers. He smiled, a small part of him hoping that him and Rea would be able to stay together for as long as the couple had.

The cushioned kneelers sank underneath his weight, and despite the thickness he could distinctly feel the wood underneath. Honestly though, it wasn't important in the slightest, and Will brought his hands up and closed his eyes, saying the opening words of the Lord's Prayer.

"Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name..."
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