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I cannot draw; and I won't
Topic Started: Jul 22 2016, 01:31 PM (228 Views)
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But I might be able to create songs for you/your characters. Not good, complex songs, but songs nonetheless.

Since V6 is soon starting, I hope to have a feel for each character. So feel free to request a song for a character or thread or anything SOTF related. V6, prefered. Or at least people I know.

Don't expect too much professionality at me producing music, it will just be cheap midi melodies, I'll try to convey my feeling of the aura your character expresses to me with. It will be simple. And maybe experimental. And maybe horrible to listen to. But it's art. I'm allowed to do that.

While most songs will be simple, maybe some won't finish. Unlike drawings, it is much more simpler to fix things. You guys can always improve the song with feedback. So I can totally revise stuff posted here.

Uh, yeah. If you think I'll be fast: I won't. I am kinda busy, but hey. I'll have free time, sometime. And I might investigate that free time to actually finish a thread I should do like my critique thread. And if I am bored I'll totally do this thing (but it is not quite high on my priority list, sorry :c)

I have no proper concept for this thread, helpo. Ask any questions and suggestions away.

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