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Captain Lili and her Magic Band; Lili Williams' relationship and friendship thread.
Topic Started: Jul 18 2016, 06:20 PM (233 Views)
Cicada Days
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keep running yoshi
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Oh oh okay I got some ideas:

Irene - Maybe, like, Irene tried to be friendly when Lili first moved in but they're not really compatible. Irene's pretty big pop trash and unapologetic about it, she might easily be too annoying, and she's a STEM girl so Lili might not approve. Maybe Lili saw Irene as annoying and vapid and brushed her off until Irene's forced to give up trying to be friendly, and the sentiment remains to this day.

Ben - They could have some distant sort of acquaintance, mostly solidified by their mutual enjoyment of history, which let her warm up to him. They don't talk often but are friendly when they meet, and Lili would be one of the folks on Ben's 'stay vigilant for because she's prime bullying material' internal list so he might occasionally check up on her of his own volition. Differing music tastes might or might not be an issue, I don't really see it coming up but you might have different ideas?
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