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RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Fallout Thread; Let's visit our queens and see how they're doing!
Topic Started: May 28 2016, 11:40 AM (617 Views)
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I think the balancing here was actually really cool. Somewhat swingy, but that can be fun. I'm a huge fan of eschewing conventional roles, and not having a cop/doctor is a very cool twist. I also love the use of negative utility roles here; Laure/Paige/Randomness really helped level out the playing field. I'd say the only two things I might've recommended changing would be a. possibly give the godfather a bit more zing/give scum some other minor PR (flavor cop or something) just because investigation immunity isn't worth much in a game with only a single one-shot investigation and b. maybe force Frogue and backslash to fight to the death instead of allowing allied victory (as it feels a bit like that was the assumed play pattern and by combining their powers they were able to form a really strong town block with Innocent Child + Mason +two people who know each others' roles are town-aligned). Even with that, I think scum had a fighting chance; we just got super unlucky with Deamon night one and probably should not have shot him again when there were semi-confirmed townies in play.

Also, Laure's jester play was great, and Rugga really took control of the game and had none of my nonsense. Town as a whole played this one quite well. I had a lot of fun.
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Well, RC had nightkill immunity too. Not that it mattered.

No cop no doctor made for something of a weak town, but they eventually got around that, in largest part because Rugga and Zarina knew enough of the flavor to make educated guesses. Not killing Iktor night one was a poor strategic move BUT I really, really appreciate that you guys weren't scummy enough to kill her on night 1 when she hasn't played mafia in AGES and this was basically the only one she was waiting for. It'd kinda be like me waiting a year for One Piece mafia and then getting killed day/night 1.

I would rampage. XD
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I was expecting Rugga or myself (more Rugga since she was being the most proactive) to get nightkilled as the game went on, but I guess since she'd used up most of her abilities and I was essentially vanilla, scum figured it was better to target people with useful abilities.
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Yay! We won! Good job, everyone!

Am I the first Princess to not get mislynched? Because looking back in the archives it seems there's a pretty shitty track record for them.

Given that this is my first mafia in years, I really don't know how this compares to others, but I really liked the setup. It was quite interesting to know that there were two neg utility roles from night one onward.

I was actually sorely tempted to claim early on, given that it would give town more setup info and stuff, but given that the dayphase would be skipped even if I was nightkilled, I ended up just playing as I would a standard townie. Is it standard form for it to be when killed or is it more common for it to require a mislynch to lose a dayphase?
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Interesting game. GG Town.

I'll admit, the flavor was so thick in how people played, I'm kinda glad I skipped. I'd just have been staring blankly at most of it. :P

For the most part, I like the balance. This is probably one of the places where a Jester would actually make sense. (And to be fair, you can still get information from who jumps on a jester & when. They're just annoying as all get out. ) All in all, fun to follow, albeit loosely.

Can't say I made too many reads. I remember briefly thinking Murder was Town, at the beginning. (To be honest, I've kinda hit the point where I'm second-guessing myself, just because he can't keep being scum every game, right? >_< ) Randomness was a solid Town, and I'm glad that was right.

Backslash and Frogue played pretty solidly, and I'm glad to see our Townplay picking up some wins.
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This was a weird one for flavor because typically these games are either flavor that a lot of playing know well or things that can easily be looked up briefly. In this case it was a flavor that about four of us knew really really well (Me, Backslash, Deamon and Laurels) and has a huge back log of 9 seasons and 111 characters (I think not counting judges, frequent guests like Lucian Piane, Candis Cane and Jeff the Absolut vodka rep) that it would be super hard for the rest of everyone to suss things out.

It's nice symmetry for me though because my first mafia ever was something I'd never even heard of (Touhou) and this as probably my last is something I know backwards and forwards.
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