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The Library Is The Power House Of The Student; open
Topic Started: May 25 2016, 01:03 PM (1,103 Views)
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[[Fiyori Senay continued from Spotted Peckers: Black Ocean]]

Humans sleep in cycles. That was common knowledge. Well, at least she figured it was common knowledge. And she figured it was common knowledge because she knew it. Humans sleep in cycles. 90 minutes, give or take. In Fiyori's case, she discovered that it took her pretty much 80 minutes for one sleep cycle. That was pretty convenient knowledge. Took her some while to figure it out, too. Did wonders, though.

So if she had to wake up at 7 AM, she would go to bed at shortly after midnight. Roughly fifteen minutes of laying in bed, then she'd go through five cycles. And then she'd wake up at the end of one. And she'd wake up refreshed. Not tired. Not groggy. It was heavenly. It was odd, too. That methodical approach, the discipline to go to bed at a certain time. It was difficult, yeah. But she did it. And she was kinda proud of herself. And proud of the results.

The point was that when Fiyori Senay entered the library, she did not do so to catch some sleep or nap time - or as is more common, eat something. No, she was there and for some reason kinda awake. With nothing to do, and yet not bored. She was in such a good mood, she could've just sneaked up on Rainy and give her a big hug from behind. Share the love and all.

She decided against it. Not out of consideration. But because she was anticipating something. Fiyori watched her target, there sitting all alone. She was reading a book, and yet Fiyori could feel it.

Hah, there it was. That stinky eye of hers was great. Though, surprisingly, Rainy didn't comment. Fiyori tilted her head, and she giggled.

She considered, and giggled a bit louder.
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Ah, so she did notice. Of course Rainy would notice. That was the point. The question was, how would she react? Fiyori leaned against a nearby shelf. Rainy looked over to her. And back to her. Little glances. But their eyes met. Fiyori smirked, but in the end she bared her teeth.

She kept watching. Watching. Staring. Gazing. Viewing. She didn't giggle, at least. Just looked. And Rainy looked back. Here and there. Fleeting, but always returning to meet her gaze. Accidentally, perhaps. Fiyori made sure to lock her eyes on Rainy's, but she figured the girl only wanted to check. You know, see whether Fiyori was still there. Whether she was still looking. Maybe if she was already stepping forwards. Maybe if there were some emergency exits she should look out for.

Maybe she figured Fiyori would just go away if she kept up like this.

Ah, another chuckle. Couldn't help it. Rainy felt uneasy. Had a book open, but as soon as she noticed Fiyori, she exchanged it with something else. Fiyori wasn't sure. Not sure what the new book was about. It didn't look that old. From the pages Rainy just opened, Fiyori'd hazard a guess. Physics. Math. Some other kind of science.

No, no. The intention here was clear. Who did she think was she fooling? If that was supposed to be posturing, Fiyori was disappointed, if a little amusing. Still, Rainy could do better.

Fiyori scratched her neck. A few pieces of dead skin cells burrowed themselves between her nails. She licked her lips, and walked forwards.

"A student is accidentally too loud and even has the audacity to ask for the time?"

She pointed towards Rea and Dorothy. A bit theatrically, but that was the fun part.

"Honestly, I'm surprised. I figured you would've snapped at them."

Fiyori reached her. She stretched her hand out, wanted to touch her head. Pat it a bit. She hesitated, and instead laid it down on the table.

"Or at me."
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She did not notice him. Jeremy, that is. She did not even notice Rea and Dorothy. She noticed them before. Obviously. She could still do that, of course. Fiyori had a pair of ears, after all. They were - regardless of mother's words - well-functioning. So the physical sensation their voices reaching her ears persisted, and yet here she was. Standing atop, above Rainy. And she couldn't hear them. Not even as a distraction on the side or the static chattering of a typical background scene. No, she couldn't hear anything but what was so right in front of her.

She was breathing. She was breathing too. Fiyori stared into her eyes. She stared back. There was so much in them. Hate, maybe. Disgust, yes. Definitely disgust. A repulsion, reflected in her movements, reflected in the way she breathed, even. For some reason, seeing her breathe like that, hearing her do so, and meeting her eyes in that locked state. For some reason, it disgusted Fiyori, too.

She didn't know why. She couldn't know why.

Then, all of a sudden. Something changed. She took a hold of her book. She raised herself from the chair. She gave Fiyori a quick smile. A fake one, obviously, but one faked-well. And yet, all Fiyori could give as answer was a confused look. Then she grabbed her arm. Clasped it, just lightly.

Took her. Left her.

Fiyori looked after her, but She didn't look back. Fiyori looked, and gazed, and watched, and viewed and seethed in blinding rage. Drool welled up in her, her fingers burrowed deep into the old and soft wood of the table. All she could see where flashes of white and all she could hear was the thumping of her heart. All she could feel was the chair she threw to the side and all she could do was her leap after Her.

[[Fiyori Senay continued in Acid Rain]]
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