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Misery Loves Company; Oneshot ft. Blair
Topic Started: Apr 29 2016, 12:45 PM (102 Views)
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Fuck, you already know how this goes. Genes suck, Blair's got CF and she's sick on the day of the dance. Typical, really.

Not that she'd even wanted to go or anything! She was planning to go to Junko's party the whole time, even before she got sick. She didn't want to ask someone, but like, why bother? School dances were such BS. Hell, maybe she was better off at home!

Sure, just keep telling yourself that.

Blair wiped her nose and groaned, sitting up after about an hour of trying to reposition in her bed. It was relatively early to go to sleep, but she was exhausted and sick so fuck it. Of course, chest infections made it hard to sleep, with the spastic coughing and the difficulty breathing and all. So she looked around and reached for her phone, turning on the lights too. Rubbing her eyes, Blair idly started messaging one of her friends on Skype.

'Hey, what's up?' She typed.

'wtf blair, its like 4 am'

...Shit, right. Stupid time zones and being like 8 hours behind Europe. After sending a quick apology, Blair checked her Tumblr feed, to no avail, then her Twitter and Facebook. Nothing. Coughing again, Blair recovered her wits and checked some of her forums. No new posts. Jesus, what did these people do with their time? No new science articles on her favorite sites either.

Blair was starting to get frustrated. She couldn't sleep, was too tired to get up, and there was nothing to do. She could honestly not think of something to do besides lie here and be miserable. Suddenly an idea struck her. Maybe she could see if there was something to watch on YouTube? Worth a sho-

Her phone blinked off. Blair instinctively pressed the power button again, but nothing happened. Crap, had she charged her phone? Fuck, she totally hadn't. The charger was in the other room, too. Setting her phone onto the nightstand, Blair laid back and glared at the ceiling.

This was going to be a long night.
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