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Topic Started: Apr 19 2016, 01:24 PM (247 Views)
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Am I a freak?

Perry Brcaninovic might be one, considering the fact that he watched SOTF. He however hoped that no one found out.

What do the others think of me?

It was a secret, no one knew, except for himself. If his friends found out, they'd be see him as a weirdo, definitely. Who wants to hang out with a guy who watches snuff movies?

If his parents found out, there was no way they'd let him continue watching it, or even use the internet without them watching over his shoulders.

And if the police found out, Perry didn't know what was gonna happen, but Perry didn't know whether watching SOTF was even legal. It presumably wasn't.

After Perry finished school, he went home. A friend wanted to invite him to hang out, but he declined. He had to watch it, he was curious. Not a freak.

Nobody was home, Perry had the place all to himself.

He turned on the computer and plugged in the headset. No loudspeaker, just headsets. Not that his parents could hear it from their workplace, but the walls could be thin, the neighbours might hear it. After all, gunshots and screams were loud, oh yes. And the neighbours were good friends with his mom, so it's better.


That was it. That was the whole day summary. Perry now knew what happened. He was curious about how day 2 will look like. What will the robber duo do? Will that Beatles guy escape? How successful will Miranda be? Will Nina avenge herself?

He'll continue watching, he was going to find out what exactly happened there, more than just a day. Perry Brcaninovic, a secret SOTF fan. Fan? Observer. It was disgusting, he had to admit. But damn interesting.

Then, he deleted the history.


Mr. Ambrosius felt old.
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When V3 or V4 happened, he felt young, but now. Now it happened again.

He felt so young when the disasters happened, but now four years are over and another one happened. Nothing changed.

Another set of children abducted on another island. Where the fuck do they get those islands?

Neither McAllister nor the UN could stop them. Fuck them. Fuck their inability to actually change the world. But terrorism was terrorism. It was the war of the age Mr. Ambrosius lived in. He dealt with it.

"Nothing changed" was an overstatement. Things had changed these four years. For him, personally, a lot happened. The job, the family. It changed. A new daughter was born.

The kids and his wife were on a vacation, he couldn't went with them. That's the shitty side of his job.

He was bored, but that would not excuse looking at child murder again. He used to watch the thing happening in 2007 and 2008. Prior it, he also heard about it happening. But in 2007 and in 2008 he dared to actually look at it and research. And then it stopped. Since then, SOTF was finished. It was a finished chapter of Ambrosius' life.

Or would be finished in 2012.


The same mechanics as before, Best Kill Awards. As if that was a show or a game. He could remember Jimmy Brennan getting his. This time Katarina Ko-something got it. Lucky her. Did not help at all, though. Jimmy also eventually died. So would Katarina. So would the pacifistic group or the escape groups. They already are in progess of killing each other. Or the gravedigger duo. So would Theo, the punk, the cowboy and the other killers. Or Brandon. Or Summer. He couldn't continue watching, he stopped watching. This was just worsening his mood. The chapter ended.


What's this SOTF?
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It was a source of inspiration.

Luckily it was fake. She read about articles claiming it to be fake. But she read articles about it being real. Though, using her common sense told her that it was an unrealistic scenario. A mysterious group, terrorising without a warning? That did not make sense.

But, nonetheless, she had no clue what it was all about. What was SOTF all about?

She read about SOTF in fanfictions. Fanfictions, often talked about to be trashy. She was going to be a real writer, though. Write good fanfictions. She wants to become an author.

Hopefully, it would be not a scandal.

After all, this was a better inspiration for her writing than wrestling.


The KK and Rosemary encounter, them meeting again. Coincidence? It seemed scripted.

But...the violence.

It was not fake.


<Tylar> This is sick.
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On a forum in the internet people chatted. The forum even had a subforum for SOTF. There, they complained about the inhuman happenings of the terrorists. They had different threads. Threads with solutions, where they tried to figure out ways to stop SOTF, how they could rescue the children, how they could support an escape. Debated about the collars. There even were threads where SOTF was glorified. While most people arenít sure whether these threads were started by a troll or by an earnest person who liked SOTF, these threads always resulted in a sour discussion in the thread, or the thread was just locked by a moderator.

The people on the internet wanted the kids to escape the island, to lower the amount of victims of the abduction. Cheering and criticising plans on the internet.

But ultimately, all they did was to chat, to write, without achieving anything for the 152 children.

<Tylar> oh shit, gavin died
<Sprunk!> what
<Tylar> he died
<Bonny> who killed him?
<Tylar> collars
<tigersheep> nooooooo
<Bonny> why
<abcdefg> omg
<Laxoras> the group is dead
<abcdefg> is ian alive
<Tylar> yes
<Tylar> but Karen isn't
<Laxoras> I'm 15 yo, and I'm afraid of going to trips now :c
<Laxoras> I donít want to graduate
<Sprunk!> Escaping is impossible
<John> You realise youíre just supporting the scumbags by watching this shit?
<Bonny> Shut up, John. We are trying to help. We have tried to deduce where exactly the island is via watching the footage.
<John> So what? If you send someone to them, they will blow everyone up. Everything you figured out, the official services of the government probably had figured it out earlier. Youíre wasting your time.
<Bonny> ...


Still, 151 kids were dead.


Mrs. Dawson told me, that I might have to bury two or three students during my tenure.
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Watson hoped, that he'd never have to go through that. Stuff like that shouldn't happen to him. To anyone.

As Watson ended the class, he stared at the empty classroom, stroked his tie and thought about the news.

Apparently other teachers had less luck, losing hundreds of their students and close colleagues of them.


Mr. Watson simply could not imagine it.


Donít watch SOTF!
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Seriously, donít. I did. Not for enjoyment, but for researching so you donít have to. Iíll sum it up: People die and itís a snuff marathon. Donít watch it, there is no reason to. Many websites that host SOTF also contain viruses.

I hope I killed your curiousity.


Sarah reread her post many times before submitting it, hoping that she did not glorify SOTF or made it to be appealing. She had intended to write more details into her post, but that wouldíve just led to people being curious. Sarah was not happy, but she posted it anyway.

All the research just for this little post.


Detlef went through the door and was surrounded by lights.
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