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I didn't know what I was supposed to say about that, so I just said Wow; (formerly a Homestuck reference)
Topic Started: Apr 12 2016, 11:00 PM (260 Views)
Cicada Days
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keep running yoshi
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((Irene Djezari continued from Dying To See How This One Ends))
((Darius Van Dyke as 'Shin Katanabe' is written by R.C.))

_ Shin Katanabe, Online | 2:47 AM ___________________________________________________

2:01 AM
ay dar can i holla at you for like a billion seconds
Sadie suckls and should be banned next year
yea or nae

2:02 AM
fucken yeah. ban that nonsense. and all relevated events.
Junkos patry was worse than sadie hawks. Shouldve went there.

2:04 AM
Oh no that's right you went there
In hindsight I wish i'd gone there instead but
what happened? :0

2:04 AM
No you wouldnt have wanted to go there
It was lame. Lame people. And boring people. Just assholes.
Whats sadie hawkins deal? Did they also bore people to death?

2:04 AM
maybe not i dunno
nah like besides the lame decor sadie was the usual no what happened was some goddamn drama between me and the boy
like ugh I legit cannot even BEGIN there are like 69 reasons
So who went to the party that like ruined your life
i know raina went?
And Junko, obviously.

2:09 AM
sry i puked a bit
2:12 AM
Oh ew are u alright

2:13 AM
Now, yes. All the bad feelings are flushed away.
I wish :CCCCC
What drama with noah. what the fuck did he do. thought that he was cool.

2:13 AM
Wait are u being sarcastic m8 u know i dunno how to handle that shit

2:13 AM
Raina's a slut, btw.
2:13 AM
and wtf drop the s-word dar you know that shits not cool
Just because im upset doesnt mean i cant like extend the range of my anger to include u
Okay but yeah see what happened with noah is that
______ UGH i dunno how to say it like tbh? like youre right he is cool but i said somet hings i shouldnt have because my brain is dumb

2:13 AM
figure that out when youre drunk. sometimes you need booze to understand complex things.
i dont mean slut as an insult, but as a fact. it is correctly used, just webster it. shes flirting with wayne despite having the most despicable bf. it is wayne shes flirting with too. fucking wayne.
noah also should have not said some things in his videos. some jokes of hime are fucking lame. "hahahaha im funny cause i tell jokes with no punchlines who are referencing pop culture"
Hes dumber than you. You're smarter.

2:14 AM
maybe i do at this point i dunno
And okay just because it's 'technically correct' according to some dictionary in this universe doesn't mean it's actually cool to use like okay is raina stealing one of my otps from me yes sure she does it but im not going to call her out but anyways did u call cris despicable I mean okay i guess it might be tru but uh
SHUT UP about that
and ur right noahs videos are lame and make no sense and maybe i am smarter but it doesnt matter dar i shot myself in the foot and im a transphobic asshole 5ever now

2:14 AM
k the nrainas not a flut, but just a fucking dumb pineapple. thats more fitting.
wtf why are u now transphobic? Stop that immediately now. ik we're in arizona, but please stop being so mainstream. #hipster

2:14 AM
Whats your beef

2:17 AM
fiyori was at the party. and her mere presence ruined everything.
We had no beef. wish we had beef. We had a fire, but just hot dogs. Beef wouldve improved everything. Couldve throw a beef piece into fiyoris face.

2:19 AM
imean at that point why not just throw the hot dog at fiyoris face like im sure thats somehow somekinda innuendo but eh #worth?
Okay okay maybe i can agree rainas dumb not sure if I actually do but for the sake of our discorse and whats wrong with fiyori shes alright sometimes isnt she?
Dont accuse me of being like the arizona crowd you know im not gonna betray my roots
Progressive as house till i die

2:19 AM
Beef would be funneir. Compare imaging someone being hit with beef with someone getting hit with ah ot dog. BANM.
Fu nnier.

2:19 AM
so the reason im a transphobe is apparently ive been complaining about how noah can sometimes u know be all insensitive with his drag bit and its so like last century but then apparently its not! I've had the wrong idea since the day i was born and im trash but i thought i was the one who was right but apparently im wrong? hard to tell i swear2g

2:19 AM
Fiyori's a thief. That's why she's terrible. Breaking the fifth amendment. Send her to prison.
Guantanamo bay for her plox
I have no clue what the fuck you're talking about with transphovia. But it sounds smart.

2:22 AM
Fuck, I think some of your words disappeared and reappeared.
Must've skipped a line.

2:22 AM
skype lag joy to the world and everyone blah i forget lyrics

2:24 AM
And i dunno im trying to imagine the beef thing and it seems like the same amount of dmg to me like the hot dog is actually funnier because its like a weird pole shaped thin g i legit do not know what the humor value here is dar u gotta explain
ur the one with the comedic genius

2:24 AM
ok i hvae to agree that hot dogs are also funny. LIKe in slow mo it is even more genius to watch people getting slapped by hot dogs.
the joke is that its looking like a phallus. Thats the value.

2:24 AM
And oh shit yeah thats right dude im so sorry i forgot fiyori stole ur 3dmario kart ur right shes bad
Bad news and all but i dunno i guess i cant get so worked up over her maybe if she stole some of my shit too?
anyways what did she actually do at the party besides apparently spike your drinks :0 im sure you have like 69 reasons for y she specifically ruined junkos partiez but u gotta give deets
And okay hold up this is essentially some of the stuff ive ranted about his way
Image Loading...

2:24 AM
Fuck, i suddenly have a new idea for a video. Slo mo porn parodu.
Remind me tomorrow that i have to write a script for that video. If the idea is still good after having slept.
I herd shes gonna steal ur 69k IP from ur leage account. watch out.

2:24 AM
Does that look like its ok in anyway dar does it
Okay but what is the genital equivalent of beef i need to be enlightened
What did u want to hit her with that was better than an e-peen
and yo i can het behind that like porn is problematic as f but a parody is good i'd help u write the script if i had any lingual skills whatsoever
and nooo thats my 69 ur right its official fiyori whatever the fuck her last name is is the worst ever

2:24 AM
A nuke
Porns do usually have not that much script.
I have not spoken from experience, i am an angel and have never watched porn.
Brendan told me that : P
Self-misogynist is not a word
The joke thing is EXACTLY whats lame of Noah's joke.
Did you tell it into his face? Please tell me you did. : D

2:25 AM
Besides the fact that i dunno english i mean is that all you gleaned from my txt? I mean there was some pretty bad stuff in there and NO i did not tell it to him are you crazy i just handed him the phone and kissed the phone goodbye
it lives in spite of my actions not because

2:27 AM
Also haha "Fiyori has the worst last name" - I. Djezzzzejiaodjo
wth y give him a phone. Never give personal things to other people.do not give phones to fyoir and then you will never see it again.
*or youlll never see it
Shouldve told him that right in his face
Should i tell him that?
I should, rite.
Criticism is beautiful.

2:30 AM

Noah is literally Whitley from Portal.
That's why he sucks. Cannot handle shit.

2:31 AM
wait but a nuke is a penis too isnt it ugh why are euphemisms so weird and somehow mysognistic
But not self mysoginistic
Oh damn brendan tho i got his number at the dance and stuff
i will double check that f/ u if you want
All men have their weaknesses at least thats what im led to believe
excuse u my name is irene djezezeyeyeyeyeayayayayaya

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyguBEc2dw4 <- rogjt tjere thats it
And yo i dunno dude like is it not clear that im like completely ignant and stuff I mean i'm pretty seriously shook up here
I swear2g if u breath in his direction i will end u
Like do u even know how to ghelp people in distress i mean gOD
but hey thats a good point maybe to handle this noah biz all i need to do is give him SPPPPAAAACE or whatever :0

2:35 AM
Still like ur kinda useless so ty for nothing im going to tumblr
what about ur problems maybe we can make some headway on that shit

2:38 AM
bye need to sleep
2:42 AM
u owe me a text tmmrow dude

2:47 AM
Sleep tight

via Skype

V6 - Like you imagined when you... were young...
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Cicada Days
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keep running yoshi
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SCM Music Player _____________________________ Porter Robinson - Goodbye To A World (1:45) ___________________________________________ Pause Next

'Clean as a Cleansweep Seven'_____
Irene | 16 | She/Her |
| Pansexual_
Cisgender | ENFP | Rogue of Void ___
I reblog Homestuck, Steven Universe,_
League of Legends, ______________
Princesses, and Queer Positivism!___

Ask the Princess! Submit (to the Princess)! Tag List Royal Archive My Twitch Stream!

Post Sadie Feels ______________________________________________ 41 notes Sunday March 8th
CW: apparently i may be transphobic?

So I guess my dance tonight went fine, if you can count a
play-by-play remake of T Sizzle's Blank Space IRL as 'fine'.
I'm legit freaking so hard right now, or like, I get the sense
that I should be? Like I dunno??? Okay so essentially. this
guy ive been kinda frenemies with for a while because I swore
he was kinda transphobic, only apparently he's *actually*
trans or something and I totally did not get the hint. And then
when I did get the hint it was 2 late and I had showed him some
of my rants about how offensive the person i though he was is.
the sense it was all a giant waste of time. Even if I hadn't, u know,
shown him the daMN things and promptly made him realize how
awful a person I am. Like I'm totally awful aren't I? This would be
the part where I should be seeking out religion or somth, at least
thats how it works in books and stuff. I legit cannot even work
out how i should be feeling about this. Should I apologize to him
somehw? As if that's even possible but like I'm getting the sense
that I should at least try or should I just leave it alone and accept
that I made likethe worst mistake ever and ruined some innocent
dudes life UGH why is life complicated I was not born for this shit!!
:| Shout out if anyone has any advices, I fcking need it right now.

#not homestuck #not steven universe #not my little pony #personal rambling #understand if i lose followers #smh #feels
#sadie hawkins #transphobia #theyll tell you im insane

V6 - Like you imagined when you... were young...
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Cicada Days
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keep running yoshi
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((Dorothy Shelley is written by Charlotte))

--------------------------------------------------------- Conversation started March 10th, 2016 ------------------------------------------------------

Irene Djezari
3/10, 4:12 PM
so hey there like u liked one of my photos!
call me pancake cause im flat-tered
are u from cochise?
Dorothy Shelley
3/10, 4:12 PM
uh yeah
im in the art club
u have never seen me
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:13 PM
yeah as much as i try i guess i cant meet evryone
howd u see me tho?
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:13 PM
idk on facebook
u added me like two months ago
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:13 PM
actually sounds like something i'd do
maybe i added u as like a friend of a friend
of a friend
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:13 PM
yea makes sense
i liked one of your old photos accidently aha
im sorry
idk how i found it
it was just here ahah
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:15 PM
i believe u!
i mean again im like a hundred percent flattered
i mean is it a bit out of the blue yes but hey who cares
stokes the ego and all lol
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:16 PM
aw ok
i thought you were like idk like weirded out or something
if someone liked a photo from like 2013 i think id be crept out lol
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:16 PM
i guess?
i dunno not worth the trouble f/ me
im sure everyone does a little wandering thro old photos now and again
though most of the time we manage to avoid the like button
mind if i look through your profile a bit?
tit for tat eye for eye
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:16 PM
uh okay?
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:16 PM
like some babalyonian (spelling?) guy came up with that one
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:16 PM
dont look at the tagged folder >.<
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:17 PM
i wont i wont
like that one timberlake song this i promise u
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:17 PM
cry me a river?
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:17 PM
awww ur cute!
wait no not that one
i tend to forget song names if theyre not in this decade
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:18 PM
tbh me too
thank you for the compliment
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:18 PM
oh like no problem
my feels on the matter is that people nowadays dont compliment enough
theres like always this weird
i dunno
ulterior motive to everything you know?
like just saying stuff is no longer acceptable
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:19 PM
thats deep
you are like
a philospher
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:20 PM
i am the philosophers stone (nvr4get) yes!
like okay
i dunno if ur a tumblr
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:20 PM
u have one??
Irene Djezari
3/10, 4:23 PM
yeah ofc
princess r3n3r3n3
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:23 PM
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:23 PM
my tumblr
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:23 PM
princess rererere
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:23 PM
but the 3s are there
its important
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:26 PM
yes i see
idk if youll like mine
its mynameisdorothy
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:28 PM
i mean ive seen some very funny
and very risque urls
both of ours are pretty low key
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:29 PM
yeah i guess
someone who followed me was
that was creepy lol
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:29 PM
okay can i admit i laughed a bit
totally not pc but
whats on that blog that followed u
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:30 PM
im not really sure
it looks like someone went into a church and took pictures of random stuff
i think they write in the description smth like "follow for more masturbation tips"
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:30 PM
okay hold on im going in
cover me
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:33 PM
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:33 PM
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:33 PM
damn u werent kidding
i mean i would totally reblog some of these pics theyre pretty aesthetic but
i dont get the point?
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:33 PM
the ppl who rebloged the pics have urls like "deadgirl666" and "aliendaddy"
so i mean
im not sure what to expect aha
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:34 PM
damn they stole my ideas for new urls
cute house reblog! hope you dont mind a couple extra notes on that from me
are you one of those
uh what is it
urban explorers where u go into abandoned buildings and stuff?
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:35 PM
im too scared to do that kind of stuff
like what if there's a serial killer
or a ghost
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:35 PM
fight them?
i dunno like what are the chances of even running into either of those
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:35 PM
like going in buildings that are abandonned for a long time sounds kinda cool
but what if they are like actually graveyard
or like
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:35 PM
i mean you could go for the 1 v1
oh, or
if we formed an exploration team or whatever the official term is
we'd outnumber any bad guys we met
unless like
there was more than 1 killer or ghost
in which case well
no ragrets
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:36 PM
if there are two baddies
and we are two
it's still fair
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:36 PM
that equivalence
got a good head on ur shoulder dorothy
if i had to trust anyone with my life in an abandoned place apparently full of evil
i could def pick u
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:36 PM
aw thats sweet
we would make a killer team!
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:36 PM
the killingest yes!
do you live near the school?
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:36 PM
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:37 PM
im walking distance so if were in the same general area we could meet up
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:37 PM
i can walk to school but my mom drives me there
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:37 PM
same actually
like in theory if i walked itd be faster
since id avoid the traffic around the school in the morning
but eh
take it because its there i guess?
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:38 PM
pretty much
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:39 PM
thats the lazy aesthetic
but yeah
we're probably within the same general area
i mean not like there's a huge amount of area in kingman anyways
think its walkable in like 3 hours ish?
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:39 PM
i guess
i dont really know tbh xD
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:39 PM
i can totally show u
like right now
1 v 1
if ur free
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:40 PM
is this like
a first date :00
Irene Djezari
3/10, 4:41 PM
wait what
i mean
i didnt intend for it to come across like that i mean normally isnt a date supposed to come with stuff like candy and paper hearts with stuff written on them in comic sans?
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:41 PM
i was kidding ahah
unless you werent
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:42 PM
yeah lol i was totes kidding i mean
just a platonic friednly thing
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:42 PM
did u go to the saddie dance whatever
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:42 PM
didnt go so well but eh im over it
did you?
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:42 PM
nah my dad was like
"if u go your going to get preggo"
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:42 PM
hah yeah right
i mean
but you'd probably have to try really hard
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:43 PM
i mean
i just wanted to go see the people at school having fun ahah
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:43 PM
you would have seen some stuff for sure
you know henry spencer? or alvaro vi-i dont even know how to that last name
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:44 PM
is name does ring a bell
but why?
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:44 PM
wait whose
anyways they both got dates!
knowing both of them i honestly kinda didnt expect it
i dunno
im like proud and shit
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:44 PM
did you have a date or you just went there?
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:45 PM
i did have a date, noah whitley if you know him
but again not like the best story ever
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:45 PM
:0 what happened??
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:45 PM
i mean
i guess i dunno what i said
but i just fcked up hard
you know? like something you regret but ur not sure why
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:45 PM
did he like say
"i love u"
and u answerd
"i love myself too"?
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:46 PM
lol nice
i kinda dont want to talk about it?
but i guess since we already started
i made some assumptions about him that were wrong
in my defense he made it easy but i dunno if thats a defense
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:46 PM
if you dont want to talk about it, it's really cool no worry!
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:46 PM
oh okay lets go with that
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:45 PM
like you didnt check the pictures i was tagged in so i guess i can deal with that ahah
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:46 PM
nope those were totally avoided
but yeah honestly u didnt miss out on much dont worry
it was mostly just the same old
would you be able to go to another dance like formal?
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:46 PM
if i get the memo a moth in advance and i ask my mom
*month aha
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:46 PM
who knows
im not really good with dates soz
in more senses then one
but we should totally meet up
im like free whenever
we can do the platonic team bonding meetup before we go hunt down ghosts
oh shit dorothy we're the ghostbusters
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:47 PM
yeah when im free and going to inbox you, k?
Irene Djezari 3/10, 4:47 PM
yup like i keep my phone on me all the time
gotta stay connected and all
so whenever ur free just sendf me a msg and ill know like instantly
Dorothy Shelley 3/10, 4:47 PM
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((Irene Djezari continued in Chilling))
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