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Return of the Revenge of the Realism Litmus Test
Topic Started: Mar 31 2016, 03:19 PM (719 Views)
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Who is this sassy lost child
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So around the beginning of V5, MurderWeasel came up with this as an alternative to the old realism test, to be better-suited for SOTF as a setting. To avoid necroing a three-year-old thread, I figured I'd post this here so people could test their V6 kids if they want.

Some things to note:
-This is not a measure of a character's quality, just of how many traits they possess that are generally handled in a less realistic way in SOTF.
-This test doesn't account for different universes like SOTF-TV or The Program and the traits characters would have as a result of living in those specific universes.
-You don't have to share your character's score if you don't want to, or feel like you should change parts of them based on their score. See the first note.

Here's how my accepted V6 characters scored.



Some of the things I counted are variable or have a context that doesn't completely match what the question is asking, but I felt the general result was more or less the same so I counted them.

Anway, have fun!
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Caedyn Miller: 60 points.

Ty Yazzie: 22 points.

Abby Floyd: 7 points.

I am too lazy to go back and pull all the things they got points for and I'd feel weird doing Isaac since I didn't write him initially and there are some things I'm not sure I could answer 100% >.>
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Oh jeeze, that's a thing I've not seen in ages. Just as an overall FYI, it skews super mega hard towards the problems most common to V4, much as the original test skewed towards typical fanfic issues. I may give it a pass with updated thoughts sometime, though character concepts have on average come so, so far in the past few years.

EDIT: Huh, this is actually more comprehensive than I remembered. I'm glad I didn't put a scale in.
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Nate Turner: 5 (3 from dwarfism, 2 from being inspired by another RP character)
Vanessa Stone: 6 (Some appearance and drug stuff)
Sandy Bricks: 47 (40 of those are from suddenly dead parents)
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The cool kids




So 2


Also 2

The lame kids




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maybe if you're lucky the random avatar will sync up to the character you're reading right now
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In a V7 near you!
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I am only going to do Fiyori since I wrote her profile. Maybe I'll change my mind once I got a good grip on b l e s s e d Lucilly.

Fiyori Senay

Fiyori Senay

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Version 6
Version 5


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General Goose
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For Bradley:
Been in a fight +1
Been a bully +2
Sometimes does not understand why he's a dick +5
Underage smoker +3
Drinker with a fake ID and goes to bars +3
Drugs +5
He has sex (shocking I know) +8
Believes he is awesome +15
No social filter +8
Usually same emotional state +4
He is kinda comic relief +10
Sexual fantasy +10
Centre of attention in every scene (not normally my style, but yeah) +4


At this point, he wishes he was a couple of inches taller.
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Jerry Fury

Coleen Reagan

And because real life is often stranger than fiction...

V6 Tributes

Spoilers, Ricky didn't win V5

Things We Say
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Nadia Riva: 12
Noah Whitley: 5
Alba Reyes: 9

I'm probably way off on several of these, but I'm probably second guessing myself.
V6 Cast

V5 Cast

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Peoples and Sheeples for V6
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I'll run all of my concepts except Curtis through this, since Curtis is up in the air on if I'll do anything at all with him and also if I do anything with him it won't be the same as when I initially posted his concept. Jane's excluded because I didn't write her profile. Note I'm leaving out the meta section because I don't know who, if any, of these characters will end up seeing use on the island.

Roderick Kanuho

Crisanto Luz

Kaylee Lytton

Hrm, maybe I should consider some concept changes...
Edited by The Burned Handler, Apr 10 2016, 10:08 AM.
MurderWeasel getting impatient
Hiya, jerk! Please don't post until edits have been completed, as doing so causes confusion/messes up the queue.

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18:48 Ruggawork and your ass!

16:35 Kilmarnock Maybe Iktor?
16:35 Kilmarnock Maybe Toben.
16:35 Kilmarnock hard to tell until they make out with me.
16:35 *** mib_6brm7d is now known as Irene

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Dorothy Shelley

I'm going to do the other nerds later.
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escaping the real world to face reality
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Necro'ing this because I just took the test and it felt like a waste to not post :3




Might as well do myself

dear god dear god tinkle tinkle hoy

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My score right now's worse than my two v5 characters combined, so :c

V6 Characters:
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