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Introduction Thread; Introduce yourself here!
Topic Started: May 9 2015, 04:41 AM (5,800 Views)
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Hello guys,

thought I'd quickly introduce myself officially. I've been trying to get into full-time roleplaying for some time now, with my doing a few one-nighters with friends, joining a minecraft roleplaying server (and everybody who I was roleplaying with never showing up again after the first time), creating characters I've never got to use, etc.. I've also been writing and creating stories since before I can remember, and I've gotten moderately good at it., in my humble opinion. I discovered this site about a year ago, through everybody's favorite website, and thought it was cool before losing track of it. I rediscovered it a couple of months ago and saw V6 was starting. It was then that I started forming a couple of characters I could use, of which I decided Ben "Squirrel" Lichter would be the one I'd submit.

Like a dumbass, however, I waited far too long to apply for membership (as I wanted to be sure I'd go through with it before I signed up) and almost missed the submission date. Thankfully, I still managed to smuggle Ben in. I decided against doing the Mini first, as I felt I was experienced enough to handle one character in the main game and really wanted Ben to be part of it. Plus, you know, the one to two year wait.

Before I get a response, I have looked at the Mini, the Wiki and read and re-read the new Handler's guide. I've prepared to the best of my abilities, and hope I can produce something that is worthy of this site.

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V6 Character:
Benjamin "Squirrel" Lichter [ ~ / + / + / + / + / + / + / + / + / + / + / + / + / + / + / + / + / + / + / > ] - You'll find him in the clouds.
V7 Characters:
Chloe Bruges [ - ] - You'll find her doing math.
Joseph "Joey" Quintero - You'll find him writing speaches.
Keith Rogers - You'll find him out with his gang.

In the unlikely event you want to use my characters...
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