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The Dynamo of Volition; open and stuff yo
Topic Started: Mar 3 2016, 12:36 PM (738 Views)
Rorick Skyve
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((Maxim Kehrenbrink continued from Mortal Coil))

Maxim was in anything but high spirits when he was about to enter the library. His striking pair of bushy eyebrows was furrowed and forming a frown as usual, but unlike most other times, he was actually aware of it. He was carrying a small bag under his arm, containing two books, only one of which he intended to read.

The flaxen-haired boy stopped for a brief moment, in order to catch his breath. He hated taking longer walks when the sun shone, it made him virtually overheat in almost no time. Gasping for air, he leaned against the entrance door, using one hand to support his weight.

Papa just had to start renovating today, couldn't have waited until I finish my book, nein! Nothing but bad luck for me all week.

His father, Joachim Kehlenbrink, had indeed began working on the house of Maxim's godmother Joan on that very day. According to him, this had been overdue for years and being the proud and diligent man he was, he had vehemently refused to hire craftsmen to do the job. As a result, the entire house was now downright drowning in almost every loud noise imaginable.

Maxim finally began opening the door leading into the library's interior, gently at first, then he grew impatient within a mere second and pushed it open with force. As soon as he felt the cool air from within on his skin, his mood brightened up considerably. He felt at the books in his bag, worried that he might have forgotten to pack them for a second. To his content, his fear was for naught.

The book, or rather paperback he was all too excited to finish reading was the seventh volume of the Skullduggery Pleasant series, which had enthralled him more than all of the previous entries of the saga. He had been a measly 100 pages from finishing it when his father had started his vociferous work. Needless to say, it was an impossibility for him to enjoy his reading matter under said circumstances and thus, he had been forced to take a walk of twenty minutes under the burning sun, all to get to the only other place he knew he could read in peace at: Beale Library.

However, his bag also contained one more book, namely a textbook he was required to read for his upcoming exam in political geography. Only that Maxim was already very aware of the fact that he was not going to read it. He had merely brought the textbook with him to ease the pangs of guilt that he couldn't manage to subdue. And what better pastime to expel the thoughts of having to study than reading his favorite kind of novel?

The flaxen-haired boy had stood there in silent for a few moments now, pondering whether or not to give the textbook a look after all. He chose not to. Instead, he decided to find a conveniently placed chair to sit on and immerse himself back into the world of Skullduggery Pleasant. He looked at the one that stood closest to him.

Toll. Of course it's right next to the window and of course the sun is shining directly onto it. Just my luck.

Ill-humored, he continued his quest for a comfy seat. He found another chair.

Taken. To hell with those simpletons loitering around here.

His mood only got worse when he continued to only discover chairs that were either already occupied, or contaminated by sunlight. Just when he thought his search had been for naught and he was ready to course to the high heavens, his hazel eyes spotted one more empty seat.

He would have immediately jumped straight onto it if not for the fact that the chair was placed directly next to another sitting person. Not just any, in fact. Maxim was certain that he had seen the person, a noticeably tall girl, before. He had never spoken to her in person nor did he know her name, but he had noticed her walking past him in the hallways of Cochise numerous times before. Having found her presence rather imposing in the past, and he being the easily intimidated boy that he was, Maxim was all too reluctant to simply walk up to her and sit on the chair adjacent to hers.

He stood there for a few more moments, then considered the terrible possibility of someone coming in and getting seated on that last available chair before he did. It was decided. He would not wait until someone else got up or until the sun changed position.

Deep breaths, Junge. You got this.

His palms already sweaty, he started walking towards the girl. Coming to a halt about four feet away from her, he nervously cleared his throat and raised his voice. "Excuse me, uh...Miss?"

Smooth, Maxim, totally how one would normally talk.

"Do you...well, do you mind if I take a moment of your time?"

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Rorick Skyve
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“Fine, whatever. Knock yourself out.”

Not the kind of polite answer Maxim had hoped for, but well, it was an answer at least. An affirmative one as well. And after all, he didn't need to try and further socialize with the girl, right? No need to approach the unapproachable. He just needed to sit down, keep his mouth shut and let the writing and wit of his favorite author do the rest for him. In theory, at least.

Just when Maxim had opened his mouth to give thanks - in an overly flowery manner of speech, no doubt - his plans were spontaneously shattered and then ground into fine dust. He barely had time to even turn his head before the object of his desire was swiftly taken by another person, out of nowhere, like a breeze.

"Hey, wha-" He didn't even manage to finish a single line of expressing his surprise, instead, he just stood there, dumbfounded and looking a proper Charlie. So much for things going his way for once. His streak of terrible luck just didn't know when to end.

Just another day in paradise...

Only now did he take his time to properly examine the intruder, who was sitting with her back turned to him at the moment. Something familiar about that curly, brown hair. Something, something, history class...

The girl turned her head and at last, the penny dropped. Melanie, yes, that was her name. Pleasant creature, as far as he could remember. He had only fleetingly interacted with her in the past, but she had managed to leave some sort of impression on him nonetheless. Probably because she had been one of the few of his classmates he didn't instantly feel nervous around. Something about her aura, maybe.

She had addressed him just now, asked him something, but he had once again been too busy with his own thoughts to catch the full sentence. Maxim felt guilty for a second, but then noticed her expression, which, to him, indicated that she was not expecting him to answer. Kind of a gamble to assume that, but it was better to roll with it than to ask her to repeat her sentence.

That aside, he had a more dire problem at the moment. It only took him another swift glance around himself to see that all the other chairs were still taken. Yippie. That obviously meant he had to take on the challenge of somehow managing to reclaim his rightful throne, he had to actually win through this time. In other words, he could abandon all hope.

"Hey, uh...Melanie? That is what you are called, correct?"

Drop the stiff language. Get a little determination in there.

He cleared his throat, then took a small step forward, just about enough to not invade any kind of comfort zone, or so he thought, at least. "I don't mean to - well, to burst your bubble, I guess you could say, but I think I was the first one to ask for permission to sit there. And technically, you didn't ask at all, so..." He coughed into his paw once more, an awkward attempt to cover his anxiety. "But...in any case, good to see you, I guess..."
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Rorick Skyve
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Well, so much for attracting as little attention as possible. Now that other girl was getting irritated as well, mission critically failed. Oof, that glare of hers looked like it could melt steel beams, let alone geeky Germans. At least it wasn't directed at him. Not yet, at least.

She was right though. It was petty of him to insist on something as trivial as this. Hell, he had even falsely claimed to have asked for the chair first - even though he had only planned to, but not finished his sentence in time. Just him being a slowpoke, as usual. On the other hand, he had come so far already, backing down now would only hurt his confidence more than -

Never mind. Mel had already gotten up on her own. Huh, rare to see such altruism among his classmates. He almost felt bad now, making a nice girl like her comply with his own selfish needs. Darn, one of those moral dilemmas again, weren't there enough of those in the books he was reading already? He could just make it easy on himself, sit down and refrain from asking any more questions. Ta-dah! All good.

In fact, there was no need for him to have any more moral qualms. She had already sat back down, on the table, sure, but she didn't look like she minded at all. Pretty much an invitation for him to sit his own behind down already, now she even said it. Well, not exactly like that, but the idea was very much the same.

Maxim wrung his hands for a second, pondering how to thank Melanie for her indulgence. He settled for the simplest way he could think of. Grabbing his bag tightly, he lowered himself onto the chair, the object of his desire, all while muttering a less than enthusiastic "thanks."

Sure, he could have been a little more cordial, but she was already busy ogling that inky "art work", or however that other girl wanted to call it. He personally found it to be distasteful, but to each their own, as long as they didn't bother him with it.
In any case, he had wasted enough thought on his surroundings already - time to get back to the matter at hand. Didn't help his patience that the last chapter he had read ended on a cliffhanger. Eagerly, he opened up the tote bag containing his precious - comparison to Gollum, didn't seem that farfetched, really. Finally, his fingers felt at the smoothness of the book's cover and he let his fingertips linger over it for a moment. No class book could ever yield that same feeling of comfort!

All would have been perfect, if not for the fact that Mel couldn't seem to keep her mouth closed. This was a library, not a fish market! Oh well, he had picked his poison, too late to change his mind now. And besides, she would have to stop talking at some point, right?

With a sigh, Maxim pulled out the seventh volume of the Skullduggery Pleasant series and flipped it open, using the silky white bookmark.
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Rorick Skyve
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Unbelievable. The two of them really couldn't keep their mouths shut now, could they? What had he even gone to the library for in the first place? Silence, of course. Welcoming, all-consuming silence. Another plan failed. He should have seen it coming.

Maxim let out a pained sigh, simultaneously chewing on his bottom lip. He had barely managed to get through three sentences yet. He had to keep starting all over, his peers' words blending in with the carefully braided web of words he was trying to focus on. Artists. Tattoos. Artsy stuff. Something about brothers and sisters. Someone just sew their damned mouths shut!

He lowered the book, his fingers slightly quivering as they desperately held on to it. Annoyed, yes, that was the term. He way beyond annoyed at this point. But then again, he couldn't really blame those girls, now that he thought about it. They succeeded where he was failing. Casual conversation, being sociable. What people of his age were all about, usually. Maybe he was just being jealous.

Was he really? No, the idea was preposterous. He was fairly content the way everything was, why would he have been jealous? Maxim the loner, the hermit, the outcast. That's what he was and he was fine with it.

One of his hands left the book cover and felt at the furrows on his forehead. Yes, there it was, that permanent frown. Not even out of place this time. Out of place. Yes, that's what he was. Out of place, out of his element, a foreign body. Even here, at the library, which he usually considered sacred.

Maxim looked at the other two once more. They seemed content, both of them. He, he was just a disturbance. A liability. Which was fine. He was okay with that. Still, he had to act accordingly. Let his actions speak for him.

Slowly at first, then with a sudden jolt, he got up from his chair, almost jumping to his feet, the book firmly clasped under his arm, the bag held in the other hand. He glanced at Astrid and Mel, only for a split second, before averting his gaze again. The less said, the better. Let them have their fun.

He felt a shiver going down his spine. Couldn't even describe what it was. Maybe shame, excitement, anxiety, anything and everything combined. Whatever it was, it was his prompt to finally leave the scene.

And with that, he crept away, head hanging almost submissively low. He would find another place to read, a place nobody would disturb him. Where he wouldn't disturb someone else. Seek and you shall find. Yes, that would be his motto for the rest of the day. As swiftly and silently as possible, Maxim exited Beale Library.

((Maxim Kehlenbrink continued in Wasserweber))

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