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One Night Ultimate Mafia Fallout Thread
Topic Started: Feb 28 2016, 10:36 AM (199 Views)
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So the game ends. Congrats for [censored for suspense] to win!

I'll state things that happened here, maybe also add thoughts and then reveal the winners.

Rolled Setup

That was a fun setup, though it was too...clear, I think. Next time I host, I'll put a village idiot in there for sure. Maybe Bik not being able to swap himself would've helped as well.


I hope I was clear in these PMs and did not create confusions. Also, next time I host this, I should probably let the mafia members, minion and mason know their role in the first PM, but know their partners after the Sentinel has been played. It would've definitely be more fun if the shield would've affected a mason or so and then the other mason not knowing the role. This would've made it more fun than dropping information in the starting PM.

Night Actions

I like the night actions of the Witch and the Curator specifically.

End of the Night Setup

That made Poly his only ally. Which could've been good for him, as the chance of there being a mislynch was higher. But Toben made a push on him before the deadline, making it hard for him to win.

Finally, the votes


The winner is


This could've been fun I think by being more chaotic. It was not that town-sided, because of the open roles. Though I wish more people would've lied. The game is more fun if you think you could been swapped with mafia. If I had realised that Bik should've swapped 2 other cards or there was a Village Idiot, everybody would be more insecure about their roles and might've lied more. Maybe I should've limited it to 1 week to make things more tense.

Sooo, thoughts? Should I do another one in the future? Did you enjoy the game?
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