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My Ball And Chain; Yazzie Residence, One-Shot
Topic Started: Feb 7 2016, 06:29 PM (136 Views)
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((Ty Yazzie Continued From Mad Dewey Dash))

Beans was cowering on the front lawn when he pulled into the driveway, phone held away from his ear as he shook. The guy barely even registered that Ty was home, he was so shook. The sounds of the screaming conversation on the other end were too muted through the door, but once he opened it up and started heading indoors, he could hear the caterwauling on the other end pretty damn clear, from the car to the front porch.

"-un-fucking-believable, I don't even know how to deal with you, you said you were going out of town for a job interview and I hear you've crawled home limp-dicked to mommy and daddy from the big bad wifey? God, you're pathetic, you don't even have the balls to drink your unemployment away in fro-"

Sounds like trouble in paradise, he thought with an indulgent grin as he wandered back to his room. Ty didn't particularly like Mary, and the feeling seemed mutual, but hell if they couldn't shoulder up from time to time in their disdain for his brother and her husband. How in god's name they stayed together, he'd never know. They deserved each other, though. Could be that Obinze thought Ty hated being around her too much to risk calling her in on this, or maybe that when push came to shove he just wouldn't have the guts to bust his brother's balls over a cat.

Ty couldn't help but be real satisfied with how dead wrong he was about that.

Beans wandered up to his room with an angry look in his eyes about 20 minutes later. Ty pretended not to notice.

"The fuck do you think you're doing, man?"

With faked surprise, Ty looked up from his book. "Oh hey, didn't see ya there. What's wrong, bro?" Even through the bemused act, he couldn't hide much of the contempt that dripped off that last word.

"Don't even talk to me like that, you sick fuck. Where do you get off calling up my wife and stirring shit up?"

Ty let out a low whistle and held his hands up in mock defense. "Hey, hey, hey. I just figured, y'know, why not take you up on what you talked about? We're brothers, right? You seem to have this whole kick going on about life advice and gettin' into each other's relationships and shit. Well, I got an inkling you and her were havin' some problems, so I called her up and told her just how it tore me up to see you two not communicatin'. No foul, hoss. How'd it go?"

Obinze stood stunned in the doorway. After a couple beats, he shook his head and threw up his hands. "Alright. I see how we're doin' this, dude. Since we're on that 'kick,'" he echoed in a mocking tone, "you should know I saw that cat of yours skulkin' around your plants again, lookin' real antsy. Somethin' might have to be done about that."

Ty's chin came to rest on his upraised fist as he looked up at his brother. "Y'know, that's the most sensible thing I've ever heard you say, Beans. Matter of fact, I agree with ya. I already did somethin' about it. Something's got Chaplin all stirred up, y'see, so I figured I'd have a friend come by and pick him up for a few days, just give him a change a' scenery and all."

Whoosh. There went the rug, right out under his big, dumb ass. Seemed they didn't have nothin' more to talk about, for the moment. He knew it wasn't over, that Beans would be hunting up some new leverage before the evenin' was out, but for now he'd have some peace. He planned to keep it that way, with a sharp eye and his finger hovering over Mary's number. Next time Beans got drunk, it wouldn't take long for him to forget himself and start talkin' shit about her again. He'd have plenty to report. All he was waiting for was a goddamn reason.

((Ty Yazzie Continued All in the Golden Afternoon))
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