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David Price
Topic Started: Feb 5 2016, 07:51 PM (225 Views)
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Name: David Price
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: 12
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Conspiracy Theories, Investigative Journalism, Anti-Racism, Animal Rights, Baseball

Appearance: David stands at 5' 10" and weighs in at 155 pounds. He is slim, but lacks defined muscles. He is of Caucasian ethnicity and his pale skin has naturally tanned on his arms, face and lower legs in the Arizona sun. His dirty blond hair is cut just under an inch long and lies flat. David's blue-grey eyes are small and sit slightly closer to his nose than is typical. He has a square chin, a short, narrow nose and thin eyebrows. David keeps his face closely shaven as he hates the rough feel of stubble.

On the day of the abduction David was wearing brown leather shoes, dark blue jeans and a pale red checked shirt.

Biography: At the time of David's birth his parents, Andy and Maria Price, had been married for eight years. David was their second child, with daughter Emily having just turned three. Andy worked as an accountant for Edgewood & Co., an independent department store in Kingman, whilst Maria was a part-time receptionist at a veterinary practice. David's grandparents on both sides played a significant role in his early years, looking after him and Emily on the days his mother worked.

Although his childhood was happy and content, all was not well in the Price household. A short time after David's birth Andy and Maria began to feel that they were drifting apart, eventually deciding to divorce when David was four years old. David has very few memories of this time, but Emily was badly affected and irrationally blamed herself for a long time afterwards until both parents sat her down and explained that the divorce was not her fault. Andy and Maria get on very well and often meet up socially with their many mutual friends.

During the divorce proceedings an arrangement was made that Emily and David would live with Maria, who returned to her maiden name of Walker, and would go to Andy's house every other weekend and for around two thirds of the school holidays. It was agreed that the two children would keep their father's surname as changing it would be too confusing for them.

At elementary school David formed a small but close circle of friends. During these years he enjoyed playing soccer and collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, although he never really understand all the rules of the game. In class he was a below-average student, performing particularly poorly in reading and writing. Although David loved stories he preferred having them read to him by his father, who would always put on different voices for all the characters, rather than reading them himself. This finally changed when he was nine years old and his father introduced him to the Harry Potter books. David enjoyed them so much he couldn't wait the two weeks between visits and started reading them every night before bed. He also wrote stories about characters in the books visiting his school and playing magical pranks on the teachers. His parents soon noticed this behaviour and Maria began to rewrite David's homework assignments so they were about Harry and his friends discovering secrets about science or history in order to fight Lord Voldemort. This trick paid off and by the end of sixth grade David was in the top third of his class.

David had always had a passing interest in baseball from watching games on television and playing in the garden with his father, and in middle school he decided to join the team. This coincided with him entering puberty and a rapid increase in his strength and athleticism. For a few years before the rest of his classmates caught up he was one of the best players on the team. He was especially good as a batter, where his strength married nicely with an excellent level of hand-eye-coordination.

When David was thirteen his father started dating a friend-of-a-friend named Holly West. Emily and David initially disliked their dad's new partner, but after getting to know Holly better they accepted her intrusion into the family. Emily especially came to see her as an adult who was both trustworthy and less embarrassing to talk to than her parents.

At fourteen David was researching a school project about the Apollo programme and stumbled onto conspiracy theorist websites on the internet. Although he regarded most of the theories as laughably far-fetched, he was fascinated by the stories of intrigue, deception and the relentless search for the truth. At school he kept mostly to a tight-knit circle of friends and rarely made himself the centre of attention in larger group settings. On the internet, however, he found he could be far more outspoken and would often play the role of devil's advocate pointing out the flaws in various theories.

By high school David had started writing his own blog titled The Truth Always Escapes. Initially it only contained sporadic and poorly-written rants about conspiracy theories David objected to, but it soon became a broader platform where he could post his views about local controversies, current affairs and world events. Media reports about young black men being shot and killed by white police officers caught David's attention and he turned to the blogosphere to find out more. David soon discovered a whole world of injustice and bigotry that he had always known existed, but never on such a vast scale. He began reading blogs by black activists, investigating the evidence for himself and writing extensively on his own blog about the subject.

In eleventh grade one of David's favourite bloggers posted a link to an under-cover film shot in an industrial abattoir. David had never really thought about where meat came from and what he saw shocked him. After several weeks of feeling guilty whenever he ate a hamburger or a hot dog David decided to become a vegetarian. This initially caused some disagreements as home as his parents and step-mom had to change their cooking habits to accommodate his new diet, but this settled down when David agreed to do more of the cooking himself. He quickly picked up some quick and easy recipes from watching Youtube videos, with vegetarian chilli con carne becoming his speciality.

At school David has sunk back down the class leaderboard ever since the Harry Potter trick stopped working in middle school. He regards most of the curriculum as irrelevant and cannot be motivated to work unless he sees real purpose in what he's learning. He usually does the bare minimum required to get a C grade, occasionally pushing into a low B if he's suitably threatened. On extended research projects where David can learn about the things he finds interesting he puts in much more effort and often gets a high A grade. His parents and teachers find this immensely frustrating.

Since moving to high school David has lost interest in competitive baseball. He plays informally with his friends and still turns up to about half the practice sessions for the school team, but doesn't do any individual training. In eleventh grade he played for the team as a replacement a handful of times, putting in mediocre performances. In this academic year he has yet to play a competitive game, even as a substitute.

Six months ago the Price family expanded again when Holly gave birth to twins named Archie and Dylan. Emily is currently studying psychology at college and has only briefly met her two half-brothers over Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday. For David on the other hand the novelty of having babies in the house is beginning to wear off and he is not enjoying the interruptions to his sleep during his fortnightly visits to his dad's place. When the twins are happy and quiet, however, David loves nothing better than holding and playing with them.

In terms of career David has set his sights on becoming an investigative journalist. He believes it's pretty much what he does now with his blog, except he gets paid for it. David doesn't think academic qualifications are important for this career path, so it has provided him with no extra motivation to work harder at school. Although his parents still think that he stands a chance of getting into a decent college if only he would work at his best level in this final year, David is having none of it. He says that if he can't find a journalistic job he will get a low-paid job in Kingman and continue work on the blog in his own time, perhaps including a Pay-As-You-Feel option to earn a bit of money from his readers.

Advantages: David's experience of digging to the truth behind conspiracy theories and media reports will help him reveal the hidden motives and agendas of his fellow competitors. His baseball experience gives him an advantage over non-players when it comes to melee weapons like clubs.
Disadvantages: David's reserved nature in real life means he has a few close friends and will struggle to form alliances with anyone else. As a vegetarian he will initially be unwilling to eat any meat-based food he finds on the island, which is a luxury he can ill afford.
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