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My Freeze Ray; I can, Yugi
Topic Started: Feb 4 2016, 04:34 AM (376 Views)
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It was weeks, and also months ago. He wanted to ask. Always, Alessio said that he would do it later.

But he couldn't procrastinate anymore. He could not delay what he always had wanted to do. Not now.

It was in two days. The Sadie Hawkins Dance.

It was his final chance. Next year? Next year, he couldn't do it anymore. Next year, she's gone from school and he will never ever see her again.

Now, he could see her. He approached her, as she was about to leave school. He knew he shouldn't go to ask her to dance. That was not traditional. She had to ask him out for Sadie Hawkins. But that wouldn't happen. So he had to ask her. Ask her whether she already has a dance partner or not. Ask her, in case she had no partner, whether she'd mind to go there with him or not.

He had attempted to approach her during recess, too, but...but he couldn't. But now was the time. School was over, she planned to go home. Now or Tomorrow. Alessio tapped on her right shoulder for her to turn around.
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Alessio scared Vanessa.

"Sorry! I'm sorry for surprising you."

Vanessa scared Alessio.

Her grey eyes were so beautiful, but also made Al's fingers feel numb.

It was difficult. So hard to resist to look at the floor or at the locker. But he still managed to look into her eyes.

God, her eyes. He had to say something!

What had Darkwing Duck always said? Let's go dangerous.


He had to say, to ask. Something. Don't be too direct.

"How are you doing?", Alessio asked with a smile. Maybe the smile was a bit too faked, because honestly, he did not feel happy at all. It was uncomfortable. But he was happy to see Vanessa.

First small talk. Then get to the point. That is a way to start a conversation.
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Alessio was shaking. A bit.


Partner, Sadie Hawkins, Asking Out. Which words should he use for the next sentence?


Love? Wanted to?

"Uhm. Sooo...do you."


"How's the band? Are you guys planning to play sometime again? Soon."

Nailed it.

"Like. Like I really do like your songs. And love the lyrics. And you're a super go-good singer! And great guitarist as well."

Alessio played air guitar and put his left hand to his mouth as if it was a mic, while stating that. He hoped he did not look too silly, but that did not matter, as he knew that he was not born to become a mime. Al smiled, hoping for her to reply it.

Maybe that was the transition to get it across to the point. He was so close to asking her. Scary.
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He made her laugh. Alessio had to laugh in response, too. The feeling he had that made him laugh he could not repress, was a mix of pride of making Vanessa laugh and the fact that Vanessa was laughing with her beautiful voice.

She also thanked him! Alessio was able to drown his pride and be able to talk to her again, this time with a smile. A real one.

"Uh, yeah! I was in many of your shows. Peyote Coyote's my jam."

It was. Rock music was Alessio's thing. Stoner rock might have not been his favourite rock sub-genre, but it was in his top 5. Just simply because of her.

It made Alessio sad that Vanessa asked him whether he went to one of their shows, though, because Alessio thought Vanessa saw him there. He also could remember maybe exchanging some words there, but she might have forgotten.

"Uhm. So yeah."

Now was the time, finally. Time to direct the topic to Al's direction. Sadie Hawkins.

Hm, now he just should find the words. But it was like he had a sudden blackout. English is no more. Silence was now the language Al mastered with a PHD degree.

Alessio was usually a silent person, too. But this silence was the worst. God. Get a grip. "Would." His voice was not audible anymore, he just moved his lips. Luckily, a sound came out: "uhm."

Hm. What now? Ask.

"Have a nice day, Vanessa!"

He widened his smile. He then turned his back from Vanessa. He was done. He couldn't anymore.

Do you have a partner for Sadie Hawkins? Do you have a partner for Sadie Hawkins? Do you have a partner for Sadie Hawkins?

It was easy. In his head. It was a simple sentence.

He could return, ask that. Could. Should. And then he turned back to her.

"Uh, I'll go to your next concert! You guys are seriously great."

Alessio waved with his left hand before spinning once again, facing the direction of the exit of the school.

Almost. He couldn't turn to her a third time. Now it was done.

Nevermind. It was an untraditional idea and it would have seemed weird if he asked her out. Wow, rationalising was not one of Alessio's strength. That was not a good argument at all for not having done it. Alessio was nearing the door. The door he could pass through, but not return.

Hey, at least he talked to her once more. He did not talk to her about what he wanted, but he did talk. That's better rationalising. Also, she already had a partner. He could tell. It was 2 days from now. Like, she'd already have one. Chances are that this is the case.

Al wished that he would be that partner. That he could dance with her, talk with her more. Everything would be easier if she actually liked him. If he wasn't such a boring person. If he was sympathetic, instead of being Alessio. But Alessio did not want to mind that. He wouldn't cry at school. At home, when alone, at night? Maybe. But not now. It was fine.

The path of least resistance was still a valid option.

Alessio exited the school building and walked home. Confused, whether what had happened and what had not happened was a good thing or not.

God, what was he thinking.

((Alessio Rigano continued in Bohemian Purgatory))
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