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Sadie Hawkins Dance Planning Thread!; If you want a date for the dance but haven't asked anyone, get in line!
Topic Started: Feb 1 2016, 06:44 PM (1,143 Views)
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My babies want somebody to love them!#TheyPutOutJustSaying

Joshua Bracewell is ~handsome~, sweet, and would devote a whole bunch of attention on whoever would take him! He's not likely to say no, either! I'm keen for any ideas anybody has for him! If not, he'd be more than happy just to go with a group of friends!

Hazel Jung has eyes for one guy only O_O and is super grateful that this time the asking power is in her hands 8D But honestly, if anybody has any ideas for potential drama llamas with her, I'd absolutely love to hear about them! All I know is that she wouldn't be caught dead going alone~

I already have an idea in the works for Oskar Pearce, but if anybody else has anything they'd be down for, I'd love to hear it! He'll probably shower whatever girl or boy with whom he went to the dance with sweetness, tell his date they looked beautiful every five minutes, and all that jazzy stuff! Like Hazel, he wouldn't wanna go alone - he'd feel so rejected and unloved if he did :c

When I started writing this post I really thought I'd have more specific, articulate thoughts for my kids, but there ya go!
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