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Sadie Hawkins Dance Planning Thread!; If you want a date for the dance but haven't asked anyone, get in line!
Topic Started: Feb 1 2016, 06:44 PM (1,154 Views)
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Nadia Riva has a date, although her interest might not last the whole night.

Noah Whitley wants to go because it's a chance for him to dance in front of a lot of people. Any gay guys who need a date can ask him out, or any girls who need a platonic guy to go out with.

Alba Reyes wants to go and will take charge in asking someone out. Anyone who won't mind going out with a sporty, gullible, and peppy girl should let me know if they want to go with her.

EDIT: Nadia's with Rod, and Alba's now going with Brendan Harte. Noah's now going with Irene Djezari for platonic shenanigans.
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