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Sadie Hawkins Dance Planning Thread!; If you want a date for the dance but haven't asked anyone, get in line!
Topic Started: Feb 1 2016, 06:44 PM (1,148 Views)
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Hi! Now that we have an official announcement of V6 Prom, I figured I'd make this!

Basically, this is like the identical thread for V5. Post here if you need a date, and if there some other people desperate for dates maybe you can go out with them?????? idk, i'm not your boss.

For my characters, all three need dates. I have ideas for Alvaro and Jeremy, but I'd need to ask people if my characters can date them. Ben is totally free, if you want to date a spiky haired baseball dude.
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Junko Kurosawa- I'm a little on the fence about whether or not she'd show up. Her opinion on prom/homecoming would've been that she dislikes the idea of them because they tend to be anti-LGBT and materialistic in practice. My original idea was that she'd host an anti-prom/homecoming party (or something along those lines), but I have no idea how she'd feel about Sadie Hawkins right now, sadly. Feel free to pitch something at me, but keep in mind that she could go off to do her own thing.

Emma Luz- She, however, is definitely showing up. If you have a dude that you think Ems would ask out, feel free to send him my way. Just a small warning ahead of time: I'd imagine Ems to be a liiiiiiittle unconfident about romance. I think she'd be more receptive if it's not a date-date, but more them going together as friends, if that makes sense?

Jennifer Wallace- Her profile's not up yet, but I'd imagine that her opinion on super huge school dances is somewhat similar to Junko's. However, she's way more receptive to the idea of showing up. Again, if you have a dude you think she'd ask to the dance, she's there!

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Vanessa Turner - Are you kidding? Vanessa is way to cool to ever be seen at some run of the mill school dance.

Nate Turner - Now see I'd be very interested in seeing if any gals would actually ask him to the dance. Probably wouldn't go stag, though.
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Alex Tarquin would be down and would be hitting on anyone he wanted to go with.

Tara Behzad is probably not going, unless she finds a guy or gal who catches her attention.

Lizzie Luz will be going stag and looking for a good time.
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Ty Yazzie: Probably going with Bernie if he goes at all?

Caedyn Miller: I have no idea if Cochise would let her go with Jazzy(when Jazzy exists) so as such probably open to ideas for her if you've got someone who is burning to go with her?

Isaac Brea: I mean if someone actually wants to go with this I'm open to ideas, but prepare for a 10-1 chance he ends up slipping to either fight or fuck Jae at some point, it's a coin flip which happens.

Abby Floyd: Probably just going to ask Frederick unless he can't go for some reason!
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My babies want somebody to love them!#TheyPutOutJustSaying

Joshua Bracewell is ~handsome~, sweet, and would devote a whole bunch of attention on whoever would take him! He's not likely to say no, either! I'm keen for any ideas anybody has for him! If not, he'd be more than happy just to go with a group of friends!

Hazel Jung has eyes for one guy only O_O and is super grateful that this time the asking power is in her hands 8D But honestly, if anybody has any ideas for potential drama llamas with her, I'd absolutely love to hear about them! All I know is that she wouldn't be caught dead going alone~

I already have an idea in the works for Oskar Pearce, but if anybody else has anything they'd be down for, I'd love to hear it! He'll probably shower whatever girl or boy with whom he went to the dance with sweetness, tell his date they looked beautiful every five minutes, and all that jazzy stuff! Like Hazel, he wouldn't wanna go alone - he'd feel so rejected and unloved if he did :c

When I started writing this post I really thought I'd have more specific, articulate thoughts for my kids, but there ya go!
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Bridgette Sommerfeld is probably not going.

Samuel Howard is going with Penelope Fitzgerald.

Jasper Bustamante might go stag, but he would be down for going with a girl as a friend. If any girl just wants someone to go to, Jasper's available.

Haley Luz Juarez is on the fence. They'd be down for attending if a girl asked them out, but if not they'd attend Junko's party. There would probably be less restrictions there anyway.

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Cass Prince: Is really, really all about this sort of thing and wants to go but also doesn't really have anyone in mind to ask out, and they also have nowhere near the confidence to ask anyone out. So I guess please make a Cass happy today and ask them to the dance? (They'd be so overwhelmed at being asked that they'd go with pretty much anyone, too.)

Asha Sur: I don't even know man. She both exists and doesn't exist at the same time and that makes dance plans really hard to coordinate
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Nadia Riva has a date, although her interest might not last the whole night.

Noah Whitley wants to go because it's a chance for him to dance in front of a lot of people. Any gay guys who need a date can ask him out, or any girls who need a platonic guy to go out with.

Alba Reyes wants to go and will take charge in asking someone out. Anyone who won't mind going out with a sporty, gullible, and peppy girl should let me know if they want to go with her.

EDIT: Nadia's with Rod, and Alba's now going with Brendan Harte. Noah's now going with Irene Djezari for platonic shenanigans.
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Jerry "Muthafuckin'" Fury prays that a really hot chick'll ask him out. Maybe he'll throw more roundhouses, chicks dig roundhouses!

Coleen Reagan doesn't have her eyes on anybody right now, but may go stag and hang out with friends/bandmates (speaking of, let's all badger Vanessa until she agrees to come!)
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Rod's going with Nadia, once I finish his bio.

Others, I don't know, we'll see how fast I can finish them. Cris might or might not have a date, he might just kind of show up and/or say "yes" to the first sufficiently pretty girl to ask him. With Rod and Cris, I dunno if their interest would last the whole night.

Curtis and Kaylee, I dunno if I'm using at all in v6.
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Candice is looking for a date! If there's any guy you think Candice would ask out, PM me! For Jane, she may go, but only for fun.
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here's my v7 planning thread or whatever



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Sandra Dyer is definitely going. I'm open to any ideas for dates!
Jennifer Su is probably not going to go.
Nancy Kyle ahahahahahahahaha okay but seriously if you actually think your character would be okay with a hyper weeb, go for it.
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David's going whether or not anyone asks him but he'd go with any girl who asked.
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Danny is the only one of my kids who doesn't have a likely/definite date. He'll be there no matter what, but he also would like to go with someone. However, since his reputation as a flighty flirt who makes terrible excuses to leave when confronted with the idea of intimacy is a thing, anyone who'd want to go with him would probably have to either not care or be supremely oblivious to rumor. xD Probably girls only in his case (although he has been mulling over the idea of being gay since he still doesn't realise heteromantic asexual is a thing so who knows.)
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