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Look Around, Look Around
Topic Started: Jan 20 2016, 09:45 PM (300 Views)
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You like what you see?
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David had finished all of his homework with time to spare, so he decided to go for a jog. It was important to stay in shape, after all, and infrequent hikes just weren't enough. David considered Liberty Park to be the best place for his jogging: the scenery was very nice to look at, and the quiet atmosphere usually meant that there wouldn't be anything to distract him from his exercise. There were always to many exciting things going on in Sumac, too many people. David could hardly stay determined on solo exercise in that environment.

Of course, distractions could show up anywhere, even in Liberty Park. David found one has he turned a corner: a girl from his school was sitting on a bench, writing in a notebook. He knew her name. Cass. Cass... something. David was sure he knew at least the first name of everyone in his grade. However, in Cass's case he didn't know much beyond that. She was the quite type: maybe shy, or maybe just a loner. David must have spoken to her before, but he couldn't remember any substantial interaction. This would be a good opportunity to fix that.

"Hey! Cass, right?" David called as he jogged towards the bench. He put on his friendliest smile, as he always did when talking to someone new. Of course, you didn't go up to near-strangers in a park without something to break the ice. David was deciding between "Great day out, huh?" and "This is a really nice place, isn't it?" when he caught a glimpse of Cass's notebook.

It turned out she was drawing, not writing. She was sketching the area around them, and very well, too. David wished he could draw. Unfortunately, he was only gifted with the ability to draw stick figures. He remembered trying to improve once, but he didn't stick with it. There were always many things that interested him, and drawing was just one of those things that never panned out.

"Oh, wow, this is really good." David turned his head to the side and leaned in closer to get a better view. "You must do this all the time, huh? I wish I had a sort of talent like that."
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