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Mac Porterman; ERROR MACRO
Topic Started: Jan 15 2016, 04:18 PM (404 Views)
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Name: Mac "Macro" Porterman
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 12th
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Electrical Engineering, tinkering with his arm

Appearance: Mac stands at 5'10'', with blonde hair and hazel eyes. While there isn't too much off about his body, he has a battery-powered prosthetic left arm, which goes from the shoulder down and is made with an Inconel shell (Weighs about 48 lbs) painted a copper-like metallic color and has a large battery (3 lbs) inside, connected to all the joints in his arm, from the shoulder to the fingers. When the battery is disconnected, the arm becomes limp, and all joints become lax and cannot be moved. As for clothing, Mac wears a forest green tee-shirt with a motherboard-like pattern. He also wears a pair of faded blue jeans, and black sneakers to complete his minimalistic getup.

Biography: Mac lived simply, with a family, until a car crash with, what else, a drunk driver took a sibling and his arm. Once they had brought him into the hospital, a biomedical engineer had wanted to try an experimental prosthetic on him, giving him the Inconel arm, and giving him instructions on how to operate and fix it, and then they had started studying him after the fact. Due to this, Mac had become paranoid about being watched, even after they had gotten all the data required from the experiment. However, he did take an interest of messing with the wiring and functions of the arm, and started studying electrical engineering in his free time to actually make things that work. Of the modifications, he has installed a mini-lighter in the thumb that needs the battery to run, a small compartment for snacks (And, in the case of this game, weapons), and a cup holder in the palm.

Advantages: Has what could constitute as a shield, he just needs to maneuver it in the right spot. Also has a secret storage compartment in the arm. The arm itself can easily be used as a weapon, weighing near 50 lbs.
Disadvantages: His prosthetic replaced his dominant hand, his left. With the battery taken out, it's nothing but a weight and storage compartment, so he can't wield weapons as efficiently as everyone else. It's also directly connected to his nervous system, so tearing it out would result in excruciating pain and possibly death, although he can't feel through the arm itself. The arm weighs quite a bit, so he will have some difficulty in regards to getting off the ground if/when he falls.
What, did you expect anything special from me?

Not yet, guys. Not yet.
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