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Sabrina Luz; The Experiment in Positivity
Topic Started: Jan 14 2016, 01:06 AM (341 Views)
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Name: Sabrina Luz
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: 12th
School: Cochise High School
Hobbies and Interests: Ballet, cooking

Appearance: Sabrina Luz has thick black hair that goes down to her chest, and kept straight most of the time, but becomes wet when wavy. She normally wears it down, however, when she is dancing, she ties it back when her costume requires it.

Sabrina is on both sides of her family a mixture of Spanish and Native American, and it shows in her tan skin. She has hooded brown eyes, defined eyebrows that she keeps plucked, a small upturned nose, and full lips. When she is not exercising, she wears makeup that matches her skin tone.

Sabrina is 5 feet, two inches tall, and weighs 115 pounds, both due to exercise and being naturally slim, with the only exception in this being her bust size, as she is naturally busty. When she exercises, she wears T-shirts and shorts, but when she doesn't, she normally wears collared shirts, skirts, and heels.

Biography: Sabrina Luz comes from the Luz family, which had been in Kingman for generations. Emma's grandfather, Gregory Luz, earned a significant amount of money working as a mechanic for Ford Motor. He, along with his wife Avee, had eight children, Sabrina's father Tomαs being the third eldest. As his children grew older, they purchased land in Kingman, and began a small neighborhood in the area. Hence, Sabrina grew up with her extended family as her neighbors. She also has a sister, Emma, who is about a year older.

Like some of the other Luz family members, Sabrina's parents identify as preppers. Gregory had made it a goal to be able to sustain himself and his family as much as possible after the Depression. Both Tomαs and his wife, Lucia Aguilar, understand how much Gregory had dedicated to keeping the family afloat. They also felt like they wanted to be able to sustain themselves if a crisis occurs. As such, they made it a point to prepare for potential crises as much as possible. For example, they tend to keep non-perishables stored inside the house, invested in a portable back-up generator, own a chicken coop and have their own vegetable garden. Tomαs works as an electrician under the business name "Luz Electric." Lucia, meanwhile works in the Human Resources department of the county office.

Sabrina's parents often organized camping trips growing up. They liked camping as a hobby, and wanted to take their children out with them on trips. While Emma enjoyed spending the night in the wilderness, Sabrina was simply there because the rest of the family was, and didn't participate with the same enthusiasm as her parents or Emma. During these camping trips they would often provide Sabrina with information on what to do if she was lost. Most of the things they taught her were pretty simple, such as knowing how to contact a park ranger, or start a fire. Sabrina didn't retain much of the knowledge, but she still remembers how to navigate by the stars.

As preppers, Sabrina's parents have taught that independence is something to strive toward. They do so not only by teaching and extolling preparedness, but also through being able to perform basic tasks, such as cooking. Sabrina has known how to cook for most of her life, and she took to it very quickly. She always helps her family cook, and quite a few times makes her own dishes. In addition, she has bought a few cookbooks, and her favorite shows are cooking shows, especially Hell's Kitchen and MasterChef, which she especially watches due to Gordon Ramsay, whom she hopes to meet and train under.

During her youth, Sabrina was friendly and sociable, being on good terms with many of the students. While she didn't take a particular interest in academics, she still did good due to a combination of intelligence and studying.

When Sabrina was young, she was fascinated by the grace and poise of ballet, and begged her parents to sign her up for lessons. She was very good at it, due to a natural ability as well as genuine interest allowing her to practice while not at her lessons, which allowed her to retain the abilities more quickly than other students.

When Sabrina was thirteen, she started high school. It was at this time when she started physically maturing, going from simply cute to very attractive. She also started feeling sexual attraction towards women instead of men. Over the course of about a year, she did some internal reflection with help from her cousin Hayley, she came to the conclusion that she was a lesbian. Sabrina has yet to reveal this to her family and the public, as the reactions from the community and the family to Hayley being agender have not been ideal. On the side of the community, she is afraid that she would be shunned if she came out as a lesbian, partially due to the generally conservative slant of Kingman. On the side of her family, the fact that the reaction from Hayley's parents was lukewarm was compounded by the fact that her parents are casually homophobic. While they aren't malicious about it, they show ignorance towards gender and sexuality issues. They have used slurs before, but the reason why is less out of hatred and more out of lack of knowledge of LGBT issues. Even so, this has caused Sabrina to keep her sexual orientation a secret.

Academically, Sabrina has been a gifted student since freshman year, getting almost straight A's in the advanced classes, due to the fact that she spends her weeknights and Sunday nights studying when she is not at a ballet lesson, only planning to relax on the weekend. Because ballet takes up quite a bit of her time, she has no other extracurricular activities. Currently, she has a 3.85 grade point average, and has applied to many highly-ranked colleges, which she has yet to hear back from. Socially, she is friends with the popular group, due to her good looks and good nature. While she doesn't hang out with them a lot during the week, she does go out with them during the weekend.

Sabrina loves her parents, but doesn't feel all that close to them, mostly due to the differences in their views. Whereas Tomαs and Lucia are both preppers, Sabrina herself is much more relaxed on that front, with cooking the only thing that is common ground. Sabrina's ballet is something that her parents allow her to do and show pride that she is good at it, they have no interest in it outside of Sabrina being fulfilled. The family commonly goes out on camping trips, but Sabrina, while cooperative, simply feels carried along, and is quite bored during the trips. Emma and Sabrina were enrolled in self-defense class between freshman and sophomore years, but Sabrina, due to her other commitments, stopped going when sophomore year started.

Sabrina is closer to her sister Emma. Part of this is due to the fact that they are sisters of similar ages, and as a result they not only have some intersection in classes, but also in their social groups. While Emma has compared herself to Sabrina on occasion, Sabrina does not do the opposite. Since Emma was diagnosed with narcolepsy with cataplexy late freshman year, Sabrina has been concerned for Emma. While this mostly revolves around keeping an eye on Emma in the event of another cataplectic episode, this also means that Sabrina insists on driving when the two of them are going someplace.

Advantages: Physically, Sabrina is, due to her ballet, very agile and resilient. Mentally, Sabrina is intelligent, and she has some basic survival ad self-defense skills. She has an ally in her sister Emma, and is popular and friendly enough to be able to ally with a wide variety of people.
Disadvantages: Compared to the average high school upperclassman, Sabrina has no particularly negative qualities. While she is not perfect, she is simply not bad enough at anything to qualify as truly being bad at it, being average or untested at worst.
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