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V6 Pregame Alignment Thread - Double Nothing is Still Nothing Edition
Topic Started: Jan 5 2016, 08:11 PM (1,338 Views)
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maybe if you're lucky the random avatar will sync up to the character you're reading right now
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Hi! I figured that with final submissions coming up soon that I'd make this thread for V6 pregame, mostly to see how we see our own characters and to see how these change during the game.

So for those who don't know how this game works, you basically have to put your character into the DND Law-Chaos Good-Evil system, and post here with an explanation as to why. For those who don't know how it works, I found a handy guide.

Here are my (very brief and incomplete) definitions/how I run them in D&D:

Lawful: Ordered, organized, pays attention to structure and society and is likely to, all else being equal, obey the norms or a structure.

Chaotic: Disorganized, more of a free spirit. Doesn't care so very much about tradition or how things have been done. Is likely to, all else being equal, do their own thing without regard to its precedent, and will change that thing day to day.

Neutral: Somewhere between/no strong preference.

Good: Cares about people and humanity as a whole. Very empathetic and acts on it, or does nice stuff for other reasons. Looks out for others, even those they're not specifically close to. All else being equal, will usually try to do the best thing for everyone.

Evil: Cares about themselves more than anyone else. May be empathetic and have friends, but when that's on weighed against their own interests, gotta look out for number one. Ends justify the means. All else being equal, they'll do what's best for them (note killing people is not best for you if it brings down terrible consequences that outweigh any benefits).

Neutral: Somewhere between/no strong preference.

So, without further adu.
Big Table

And, as for my characters:

Alvaro Vacanti: Neutral Good. Cares for the people around him and hopes that nothing wrong comes to them. Not emotionally stable enough to be considered Lawful Good, however.

Jeremy Frasier: True Neutral, but believes that he's Chaotic Good. He's somewhere between everything in terms of alignment. He's a good enough guy, but holds grudges and can hate people very easily. He hates hierarchy, people who believe they're above him and secretly only wishes to be free of society and its norms, but restrains his actions to the point where he can't really be considered chaotic.

Jasmine King: Lawful Evil. Entirely self centered and is entirely willing to screw other people over, but has enough restrain over her actions and will only screw people over if there's something in it for her.
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Alice Baker: Neutral Good. Alice is shy, but she's also kind and gentle, and supportive of people in general. She treats others with respect and is very polite, so I'd place her firmly in this category.
Henry Spencer: Chaotic Good. Henry's a weirdo, but he's a nice weirdo. He's friendly and compassionate, but lacks structure and rigidity, being more, dare I say, chaotic.
Blair Moore: Neutral Evil. Blair is pretty self-centered and proud, and has a bit of a tendency to screw with people for kicks. She can be pretty damn malicious when she feels like it.
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Cass Prince: Neutral Good. Even if they can't ever work up the nerve to show it, they're generally just a very emphatic and considerate person in general. Unfortunately, this consideration often takes the hella unhealthy form of "I'm not worth anything so I need to listen and do what's best for everyone else".
Asha Sur: Chaotic Good. She's friendly, outgoing, and very protective of her friends. Besides that, she kinda just goes with the flow; content on doing her own thing without any real structure or purpose which I guess is chaotic?
Leon Valera: Chaotic Neutral. Don''t fuck with him, don't fuck with his friends or family. Other than that he really doesn't give much of a shit what you do, for better or for worse. As a conspiracy theorist, is also very anti-authoritarian in general.
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Chanel #7
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Lani Salder: True Neutral. Lani's an interesting soul in the sense she cares about the collective and actively abides by social norms (which would otherwise make her Lawful Good), but prioritises the advancement of herself socially, making everything come second after upholding her reputation (which would otherwise make her Chaotic Evil). She is neither completely all for one nor is she completely one for all. In fact, outside of her upholding her own reputation, there's little she's morally passionate about.

Juniper Colton: Chaotic Good. Juniper doesn't care for fitting in, in fact, she strives for a bit of difference and individualism. She's not a particularly organised soul and doesn't always take others into account when she does or says things. Though, she does care for the collective and prefers civility and community over in-fighting and dispute.

(Reserving the right to alter these, as I might need to do some more thinking ^-^)
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Joshua Bracewell is Lawful Good. He is selfless, open-minded and non-judgemental, and legitimately cares deeply for others (no matter how close he is to them). He’s charitable and giving towards others, with little selfish reasoning behind it. He believes that everybody – no matter their own viewpoints or morality – can coexist peacefully, and that there’s no situation that can’t end with everybody getting their own way. He sticks by the rules, because he believes they’re in place for a reason and feels they’re the best way for things to have a happy ending and to be ‘good’.

Hazel Jung is True Neutral. In many ways she sorta falls in the middle of everything. She’s neither primarily nice nor mean, and legitimately cares about her friends and wants them to succeed; she hates the idea of hurting someone needlessly, but does believe in tough love She generally tries to uphold the norms of society and integrate herself into it, but at the same time isn’t afraid to buck them or break the rules if it means protecting someone she cares about or goes against her own personal morality.

Oskar Pearce is Neutral Evil. His self-esteem is greatly tied to others’ perception of him, and (if there were no other options) wouldn’t be too afraid to break the rules to bolster their opinion of him. He’s also friends with people mainly for this purpose; although he has genuine affection for some people, it mostly stems from them making him feel good about himself, rather than because of liking them as an individual. Although he acts like a bubbly, friendly, and kind-natured person, and is a bit of a doormat, this is all to the ends of making him more likeable – and is no longer his natural temperament, as it was when he was younger.

I’m quite unfamiliar with the alignments, so if anybody else has any alternative suggestions as to what they should be, I’d absolutely love to hear them! <3
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My turn!

Junko Kurosawa is Chaotic Neutral. She does, in fact, have some sense of morality, such as her being super pro-LGBT. For the most part, though, Junko cares about being the best at sports, and... well, being the adrenaline junkie she is above all else. She isn't the biggest dick, but she likes screwing with people. There's just limits on who she'd screw with and how. Really, "being Junko" is a bigger priority to her than "being a good person". Morality is something she cares about, definitely. But if you put it on a scale between "living an exciting life" and "being moral", she'd probably lean more towards the former.

Emma Luz is Lawful Good, as you may have guessed. She's kind-hearted and wants the best for everyone! But, she not only plays by the rules, but she's also the Senior President. You really can't get more Lawful and Good, really.

Jennifer Wallace is a bit trickier. So far, I'd go with Lawful Neutral. She can get a little cold and aloof, and I picture her as someone who highly values her academic success. So, she sets standards for herself, hence "lawful". Neutral, she can get a little snarky, but she's also pretty polite. She isn't a huge jerk, but she has her moments. Maybe once I'm finished fixing up her profile and post it we'll get a more clear picture, but that's my answer for now.

Feel free to disagree!

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Danny Brooks: I'm going to say Neutral Evil. He's not malicious at all, but he is very self-centered and he has a tendency to be double-sided or to hurt people's feelings (particularly in the realm of relationships) if it's easier than dealing with it in a proper way or if he'd be able to maintain friendships with more people via badmouthing someone else behind their back or whatever. And Neutral because he's not concerned with the rules or overly chaotic (except perhaps in attention span). He just wants to be liked.

Clarice Halwood: Neutral Good (and probably the most clear-cut of my three kids where alignment is concerned.) Generally pretty nice (if very forward about when something has upset her) and all about helping people. Not lawful because if 'the rules' are shit then fuck them (and she thinks there's a lot wrong with society and the world and such, she's pretty into the activism after all) but doesn't go against them by default.

Lily Caldwell: She's the hardest for me to figure out, but I'm going to say True Neutral. She will help people but also isn't above leaving them to deal with things, it's generally a case by case basis. And she tends to keep society and its rules in the forefront of her mind due to politeness--which she's pretty big on--and being generally fond of order but she also purposely breaks a lot of rules (particularly those set by her parents) specifically because they're rules that she wants to prove she can break.

May edit these later because I'm still not 100% sure about a lot if it.
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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Abby Floyd is Lawful Good! She's not a control freak or an authoritarian, but she believes in morals, justice, and the inherent goodness of existence. She believes in supporting everything and everyone with nurturing, attentive care in whatever way it needs, from people, to animals, to the environment, to abstract concepts. She just wants everything to work out for everyone so they can be the best them they can be.

Ty Yazzie is True Neutral. He likes to sit in the center of things. He doesn't believe that people can be good or evil, because good and evil don't exist in a vacuum, only in the context of others. Actions may be good or evil, expressed ideas may be good or evil, but the person themselves cannot be, and will likely do both a lot throughout their lives. Similarly, while he distrusts law, order, and structure as controlling and corrupt in its worst forms, he also recognizes that some framework is necessary and that life can't exist in total chaos. He respects and values all four quadrants of morality in their own way, even if he wouldn't put it in those sort of fleshed out terms by himself. Ty lives on the borders. There's no home for him at any extreme.

Isaac Brea is Lawful Evil.. Evil might even be a strong term for him, but he's not concerned with much outside himself and his own goals. There are people he's capable of caring about, but at the same time he doesn't have a lot of tolerance for nonsense that falls outside his own box and has a fairly selfish worldview. He enjoys antagonizing people who are easy to rile up and has a bit of a mean streak to him. However, he has a certain respect for boundaries and pushing things too far these days, and doesn't indulge that tendency in a way that would hinder him whenever he can keep his head straight. He gets what he wants, and if he has to play by your rules for a little while to make that happen, he'll do it.

Caedyn Miller is Chaotic Evil. She is a maniacal, giant shit stirrer. Her education and tutoring gives her a tendency to view the world through the lens of puzzles and frames that have to be snapped into place to get a complete picture, but instead of getting satisfaction from that structure itself, Caedyn revels in nothing more than muddying the picture back up and sticking pieces where they don't belong. She'll start a fight, throw out an insult, or spread a rumor for nothing more than the vindictive or vicarious glee of watching things come unwound. She cannot be stopped. She cannot be reasoned with. She can only be contained. O)_(O
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Jeremiah "Praise be to his roundhouse kick" Fury is Chaotic Stupid. He marches to the beat of his own drum, except that drum is actually a cymbal taped to an extra-large pez dispenser. If he played D&D he would be the kind of guy who would run around punching all the NPCs instead of letting anybody actually talk to anybody else to actually get stuff done, the DM would send him on a trip to the corner store to grab some hot pockets and, while he was gone, everybody would ritually stick his character sheet in a paper shredder. He's that kind of guy.

Coleen Reagan is Lawful Timid. As much as she tries to keep her hair over her face everybody keeps bringing up those damn scars. She's more than an approximately 60% pretty face, damn it! She just wants to show you her acting chops and doesn't understand why the music teacher's so obsessed with her voice. Truth be told singing isn't her bag but people keep telling her she's good so she might as well make the best of it, except Vanessa keeps muttering something about how she's totes a backstabbing bitch. Life is hard.

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I need help with this because I never played DnD. If you have suggestions/improvement ideas, go ahead.

Conrad Timothy Harrod: Lawful Neutral. Totally Lawful, organised, cares about society, norms and structure. Acts empathetic and tries to be a nice person, but also cares about himself so much that he sometimes has no time for other people, which is why he's neutral.

Alessio Rigano: Chaotic Neutral. Alessio lacks organisation, is moody and switches his mind often. Though as he cares what other people think, I'm not sure whether he's Neutral or Chaotic. Same with the other factor, I'm not sure whether he's Good or Neutral. He's a cat lover and friendly, but if he's in a bad mood, he's not so nice to others (see the thread with Blair), so that's why I picked Neutral.

Darius Van Dyke: Chaotic Evil. His life is chaotic and he's selfish and mean.
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Fiyori Senay is LAWFUL GOOD, obviously. She's an angle. Uh, angel. Nothing but respect for the law and nothing but love for all mankind.
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Nate Turner - Neutral Good - Nate's a good, faithful Christian lad, and not just because he feels he has to be. Doing the right thing's what's important.

Vanessa Stone - Chaotic Neutral - Free spirit to the max. As likely to jump off a bridge as she is to cross it.

Sanford 'Sandy' Bricks - True Neutral - He's pretty much only concerned with his own interests, but he's not going to be a dick about it.
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Min-jae Parker is Lawful Evil. Jae loves order and having everything under control, to the point where things being out of his control is the main trigger for his anger issues. He is not usually actively malicious unless provoked, but he lets his emotions run away from him a lot and lashes out at people while generally believing that he's in the right.

Cristobal Morales is True Neutral. Cristo ranges from shy but friendly to terrified of interaction depending who is around, and his intentions might be good but he rarely acts on them. He prefers to be in the background of whatever is going on at the moment rather than have attention on him.

Raina Rose is either Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral. Raina really believes that her views and actions are in the best interest of herself and others, but she's a pushy know-it-all. She's suspicious of authority and tradition and wants to do things that are morally good but also make her look good.

Nathan Lovegrove is Lawful Good. Nathan is a nice guy who believes in helping and supporting others and is willing to take a lot of responsibility upon himself to do so. He's not a rule-breaker and would rather have peace and quiet than any sort of mayhem, good or bad.
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I debated on it for a bit and studied what y'all had to say for your own characters, but I think...

Irene's Chaotic Neutral. I wanted to contend for Good because she's supposed to inherently be nice and friendly and willing to go out of her way to help others, but Pregame really hasn't shown much of that. She's just too lost in her own head and the moment (and thus impulsively selfish by definition) to be consistently a bastion of goodyness with her actions, so I believe that skews her away from true 'Good', even if she has a decent heart.

Ben I was back and forth on for some time, but I decided on Lawful Good. Yeah, the homophobe, I know. My justification is that he has shown the tendency to be inclined to help, both within his profile and in some of his actions, w/ Rea, Alvaro, his own sister. He's judgmental, very much so, but he's always willing to hear people out and be useful even if he doesn't like them, and I believe that's functionally Good. Looking out for others, even in spite of himself. And of course, Lawful captures his traditionalist spirit, and how his parents tend to influence him (a form of staying in line with status quo, I personally believe). In some sense, I feel the Lawful Good alignment best captures the idea of a kid with a hero complex and unflinching, uncompromising moral statuses that isn't necessarily a person in the moral right, but is fundamentally a good person.

Tina I also assigned Chaotic Neutral by means of conflating 'chaotic' with 'anti-society'. She avoids most people and their influence, and is even drifting apart from the one traditional source of influence on her, her family members. That does skew it some, but I overall believe she has no sense of following a law or rule. She's happily opportunist, breaks laws, and runs around with characters of a similar flavor.
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maybe if you're lucky the random avatar will sync up to the character you're reading right now
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Gonna bump this so that more people get a chance to say what alignment each of their characters are before the game starts. Might put up a poll in a couple days time, who knows.
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