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Topic Started: Dec 12 2015, 07:49 PM (328 Views)
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((Jeremy Frasier continued from TROUBLE))

Jeremy Frasier closed his math book and put it back in his bag, frowning. Math was awful and he didn’t know why he still had to do it. Topics for it normally started out okay for him; a base concept that was a little hard for Jeremy to wrap his head around but became pretty easy once he figured out how it worked, but then there would be so much pointless and unnecessary shit added to it to the point where it was totally different from what it originally was and near impossible to figure out. There were some topics in it that were easy As for him, though. Give him a test for Probability or Consumer Finance and he’d probably get top of the class for it. Which was nice. He could show it to his parents and it’d actually meet their standards for once.

But this wasn’t Probability or Consumer Finance. This was Trigonometry. The subject that exemplified everything he hated about maths. It was okay when it was just about sin cos and tan, but then degrees and minutes were added to it and he had no idea what was with anything anymore. The homework was bullshit too, just an massive set of questions about triangles with what seemed to be no end in sight. He’d been trying to do them for the past twenty minutes now and he’d only gotten through one of the five pages he had to do from the workbook.

So he decided to not bother at all. He’d just look up the answers when he got home. Write them down, put some fake working out on the side and it’d look a lot like the real thing.

Instead, he looked out the window for a bit. It was a nice day outside. Warm, no rain in sight, but not too hot. Once that bell rang he was going outside to eat. Maybe enjoy the sun for a bit.

But until then, he needed something to do. He reached down back into his bag, grabbing his laptop. He then put it onto the desk, and took his headphones out of his pocket, plugging them in.

Might as well have some fun while he was here. Life was too finite to waste it on boring stuff.

((Jeremy Frasier, continued in My Friends Are Assholes))
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