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Bring Sally Up. Bring Sally Down.
Topic Started: Dec 12 2015, 08:30 AM (267 Views)
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((Jeremiah Larkin continued from TROUBLE))

Bring Sally Up. Bring Sally Down. Lift and Squat, Gotta tear the ground.

Jerry eyed the floor that was coming near his face and then distanced itself from his face. Repeatedly.

Push-ups are hard. But not for Jerry.

He had to live the moment. Never think about how long you still have to do it. Just think that you can do it now. Now. Now.

In the moment, you just have to do it. And time passes.

Bring Sally Down. The floor was coming closer.

Training was worth it. His muscles weren't as fake as fake tv shows like Bully Beatdown. No.

Jeremiah was fit. Jerry concentrated. Moment.

Body tension. He had to keep his body tension. Just like in hip-hop; there, you also have to keep body tension.

Also in ballet. But ballet was different. Ballet!Jerry had less tension, because he had to flow more fluently, while Hip-hop!Jerry had more tension, especially when locking.

Sometimes Jeremiah forgets that. Switching between hip-hop and ballet was hard. And not switching makes the dance look like shit. A swan acting like a robot or a robot making the moves of a swan is not right.

Jeremiah prefered hip-hop. His personal middle finger.

Bring Sally Up. And Jeremiah's body flew up as if he was a thrown shoe at a dope hip-hop performance that was a sign of respect and appreciation.

((Jeremiah Larkin continued in And Then A Star...))
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